Sunday 29 July 2012

Molly Blooms

The components of this card have been sitting on my desk all week since the Molly Blooms make and take last Saturday so with some spare time last night I put them together to make a card. Added a button a la Clare Rowlands and a little craft work cards border, a touch of glossy accents here and there and its done.
Love the summery colours in the papers.
A busy week ahead as I have to make up for having the graduation time off - 6 days of work - 3 of them sleep in duties! I'm going to be a tired bunny by the weekend......

Hope the outlook for you week is full of crafty moments xx
Thanks for stopping by.
Janet x

Friday 27 July 2012

Totally bushed! and this has rocked my world this week!

James and his Girlfriend Christina after their Graduation ceremony today (Thursday). This has to be the biggest day of the week - nay the month and nothing else can compete with this Rocking my world moment.
Sweltering heat in Uxbridge today then back home to dark clouds and the famous rain.
This is one proud Mummy .
Here are my other two.
Tom in July 2010 when he Graduated from Bangor Uni
Tom is of course the eldest
and the youngest Meghan

On her way to Year 11 prom.
I am blessed with amazing Children who are now amazing adults. Being their Mum is the most important job I have ever done and I am thankful for every moment with them.
They rock my world everyday with their love and nothing else can be bigger than that this week!
Have a great Friday xxx

Monday 23 July 2012

An important week........

As its my Middle sons graduation on Thursday so we are travelling down to London to share his special day with him.

 I struggled to come up with a manly graduation card so have gone for more of a skys the limit sort of card.  Stamps by woodware and perfect for a spot of paper piecing!
This one is for Christina - his Girlfriend who also graduates the same day - I have gone for her favourite wine colour as the main theme with just a simple card using the catgrad stamp by Mo Manning.
Looking forward to seeing their new home as well as taking all the stuff we have packed up here for him to make a little room here.
Its strange that the boys are no longer based here - off out there making their own homes and filling their lives with new dreams and experiences.  I am so proud of them, their achievements, the men they have become but a little part of me still yearns for the time with the little boys they once were.  I expect that will always be the case.  
Right enough feeling nostalgic off to make arty backgrounds with Megs as she practises art journalling for some A level art homework over the summer.
Happy Monday folks!

Saturday 21 July 2012

A time for weddings......

Photo: for a civil partnership wedding

Or more correctly in this case a Civil Partnership.
This is the first time I have been asked to make a card for a same sex marriage however the person commissioning me was specific about wanting rings and doves.  I was glad to have this stamp in my collection as it works brilliantly and she is thrilled with it. Just goes to show sometimes it doesn't need too much fuss.

Its been a busy day at Samuel Taylors, Embsay today even though the sun has been shining here in Skipton for the first time in ages.  No rain at all!
Hope the weather has improved in your neck of the woods too!
Happy Saturday x

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Roll up Roll Up -Samuel Taylors Embsay Molly Blooms demo and Make and take day.

 Its been a while since I had a Molly and George fest so I was utterly thrilled to be asked to do a make and take day for Samuel Taylors Embsay store.  A perfect reason to get playing with a project which has been in my head for a while.
 This fab frame was in the sale at a local cheapy shop and was begging to be altered.
and what better way to add some colour than with Circus Mollies and George.
So Roll up Roll up get your make and take here
Saturday 21st July 10-4 at the Embsay Mill store.

Whats on your work desk Wednesday

Hmmmmmmm I just knew it would not last!
working in less than 6 inch square again!

My true colours have been outted! I am a messy crafter!
Stop by Julias blog for a glimpse of a much tidier collection of crafters!

Friday 13 July 2012

Going Nutcrackers......

This has been an ongoing project this week diecutting, stamping and colouring Nutcrackers! These fab stamps are by Waltzingmouse and my aim is to make a Nutcracker banner for this shop here which is local to me.  It is also owned by a colleague of mine and they have just moved to larger premises.  I thought it might be nice to have  Christmas banner to complement the shops gorgeous stock of Nutcrackers which is their best seller.
I must say I am so glad I don't batch do crafting often as I am finding the colouring a little tedious however I do know once its done I will be thrilled.  Hope the shop like it too.

How was your day today?

It was our stamping club today here in Skipton and we played with bleach experimenting with different types and colours of card - there were some stunning results.  This is one of  mine which still needs making up into a card but I love the way the flowers pop with the bleach effect..
As always we have such a laugh with our stamping ladies and when the disabled group had a go they also produced some amazing results.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a fabulously crafty weekend x 

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Whats on my workdesk Wednesday

 In truth this was taken late last night after I had finished the scrapbook layout and although still a little cluttered this is the tidy version!
To the left you can see some chocolate coin wrappers - these have Olympic sports on them so I am hoping to upcycle them into atcs for a swap based on the Olympics.
 Thought I would share this.  Mum gave me this fab frame to house this sheet of scrapbook paper given to me by my good pal Georgina.  Far too nice to cut up I thought it could adorn the craft room instead!
It goes perfectly with my little red, white and blue spice rack!

Thanks for stopping by on your journey around the worlds craft rooms starting at Julias blog here
Have a great day x

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Heritage scrapbooking

 This is something I have been meaning to do for ages especially these treasured pictures of Auntie Hannah and Uncle Willie.  Uncle Willie died when I was in my teens but I always remember what a Gentleman he was and also how in love with Auntie Hannah he seemed.  In my mind I am thinking of them both in a Christian and Ana Romance - all consuming love (maybe without the red room!!!)
 The top picture was taken on their Golden wedding day so a romance that spanned many years and through many of lifes trials.  Sadly they were not as rich as Christian but they did have a holiday home in Sowerby, near Bridlington which was wonderfully cosy.
I've added a little book where I can tell their story - if briefly, to my children who sadly did not know these two amazing  people.
It has been a lovely experience scrapbooking this and evoked some wonderful memories - Uncle Willies pipe smell has been swirling around my craft room today which has been truly lovely to feel.
Hope you have had a day with amazing moments too - thanks for stopping by x 

Monday 9 July 2012

talking of Upcycling.........

 Here is something from the Stampin up retreat I forgot to share - we all altered a poundland kilner jar
 with the gorgeous vintage papers
and the lush stamps and dies from Stampin up.  This was my first play with the gorgeous butterfly die set and I fell head over heels for it.  The seam binding from Stampin up is lush - you must get some to play with to appreciate its gorgeousness. Ive filled mine with mint imperials as a thank you for a special lady x
Hope your Monday is bright and cheerful and full of good things x
Thanks for stopping by x

Sunday 8 July 2012

A bit of a theme going on......

 whilst at Embsay yesterday I picked up a fabulous sewing room embossing folder newly released by DoCrafts.  Perfect to feed my little sewing fest projects. So with the Printery papers by Hot off the press, a mannikin by Craft work cards and a little pearly bling I played again.
Here is the finished result - this time a card. Antique linen, tea dye and black soot distress inks match these papers perfectly and I just love that embossing folder!

So what's happening here today - well I've got to finish vacating Mums craft room so a little more sorting on the cards. But this weekend has been a very welcome weekend off and has recharged my creative juices so hopefully I will play a bit more later on.
Hope you are having crafty fun x
Thanks for stopping by x 

Saturday 7 July 2012

so did you guess?

Whilst on a pinterest wander last night I saw one of these.  I thought it was along the lines of a bobbin re-vamp as Wendy Veccii does but when I went to the picture source found it was a bobbin made from a loo roll!

 Having played with sewing themed stuff yesterday this really appealed to me as a quick but cute project to play with on a Friday night.
 Here is the top papers are by Hot off the press -Printery
a few bits and bobs already made and I like how it looks.  Certainly more exciting than the empty loo roll it once was.!

Today Michelle and I have been at Samuel Taylors Embsay store sharing lots of techniques in this rather dinky tag book.
Ten tags all exploring techniques of various ink pads and surfaces that work well with them - the poor ladies at the session were worn out - their brains befuddled with what works where - good job we have the instructions to hand and a handout to explain.
This was our 6th workshop based all around the properties of ink and most of the ladies have been with us at every session- I'm thinking they need a Graduation certificate they have learned so much.
Our classes are full on with a lot to pack in but always you will feel confident to continue the techniques at home so offer a great package for the crafter who wants to move on in their stamping.
We are excited about the next set of workshops carrying on this skill building journey so keep an eye out on the Lovin Inkshop blog to find out what we are doing.
Have a fab weekend x
Thanks for stopping by
Janet x

sewing inspired

Bought myself a new set of stamps by Paperartsy today - Of course I have lots of stamps but what I have been longing for is a button back stamp so I saw them and went a little mad. Bot that I have used it here as this is the craft stamper download from their website!
We have been playing at buttons at The Craft Range so I had a few bits and bobs just begging to play then while on a Pinterest tour I saw just the thing to use them on.  I'm going to leave you with a sneaky peek and hope I can take better pictures in daylight later on. Go On Guess what its made from....... 

Back later with better pics x
Happy Saturday x

Friday 6 July 2012

Rocking my World Friday

Well here we are at another Friday this time in to July?????? second half of the year!!!
3 days off from work is by far the biggest grateful this week.  I am really ready for my fortnight off in August so a 3 day break from work is great as a starter!
On Tuesday I had a wonderful day with the lovely Pam, Alison and Michelle.  Both ladies have a wicked sense of humour and a wise head for sharing problems with and both Michelle and I are very grateful for their friendship and support. We laughed all day and had such fun playing.  Thanks girls xx
On Wednesday I met up with a very dear friend for coffee - we don't meet up often but its one of those friendships where the months melt away and its as if you have never been apart. An hour and a half with her and I always feel I can conquer the world which sounds very dramatic but we always talk deep and meaningful - you know getting right to the nitty gritty - very little small talk and so I always feel like I have been empowered somehow.  Anyway you get the gist I enjoyed it :0)
The boys are both doing really well and its lovely to hear how their lives are developing, how work is going and their plans for the future.
Megs of course had her prom last Friday and she looked gorgeous here is another proud Mummy pic x
Hubby is going to be starting a staggered return to work after 8 months off sick with the awful illness depression we are all apprehensive about his return but also in need of the money.  I must say I have been shocked at the lack of support financially and also how he has been messed around by mental health services which quite honestly have not made this road to recovery smooth at all.
So this is a tentative grateful and only time will tell if it will work.

I am grateful for - the blue skies inbetween the showers, for amazing colleagues at work as we have dealt with some major challenges this week - I do work with amazing folks who do an amazing job.
For a good cup of coffee in a morning, for my new crafty space and for hubby for helping it happen.
and finally I found out that a local artist has had a book published - Nathanial is an amazing man and has written an amazing book.  His website is here
and his book can be purchased from Amazon here  
Journeys Vol.I (Volume 1)

I am thrilled that the American publishers have recognised his amazing work and wish him all the best for his upcoming tour in the Autumn.
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Join my fellow Rockettes at the meeting place The Celtic House

sometimes less is more

 Not something I am good at but sometimes needs must!
My brother and his wife celebrate 16 years of marriage to day so a card was essential however the constraints of working and other little but time consuming commitments have eaten away at my crafty time this week.
I do love these shaped cards by Craftwork cards and with a touch of Portobello road with Stampin' up punches I'm happy with this - Hope they are!
Hope you have managed to craft this week - I'm now on a craft fest 2 days with workshops at Craft Range and Samuel Taylors with my Partner in Inkyness Michelle.  Maybe I will see you there? If not have a crafty day today xxx

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Whats on your workdesk Wednesday

 I have barely entered this fab weekly peek into crafty spaces WoywW mainly as before my space was nothing to be proud of at all it was so disorganised and messy.  However i have moved into my sons old room as he is away in Bangor until next April so I now have it mostly sorted.
This is my actual desk - a clock waiting for inspiration to strike, leftover cards from the charity do on Monday night but mostly a space in which to craft .
 This is just above my desk and shelves - the fabulous banner made for me by my crafty chums 4 years ago and this is the first time it has been put up - I love it!
 My embelishment storage and display wall.
 The shelves above my desk are home to lots of gifts made by the most amazing folks - I love my Mmmwwwaaa frame set made by the amazing Liz reminding me of happy times together x
and to the right is my fav atcs album - I have over 1000 atcs so only my absolute favs go in this album.
My little trinket cupboard - altered at the retreat a few weeks ago, My are you my Prince Triptych atc made by the talented Katy and the bulldog notelets made by Michelle.

So thats the front facing bit of my craft room - hope you like it - I love it! Now just have to organise the rest of my shelves!
Have a fab day and thanks for stopping by x

Tuesday 3 July 2012

birthday gifts

 Today was a play day with 2 ladies from craft group who had birthdays in May - we decided the best gift we could give was a bit of time so today we went to play at Michelles and made this lovely gift.
 I recently bought this lovely Kanban stamp set which is perfect for the distress pens watercolouring technique.
Teamed with a rose fragranced candle I had prepared a while ago I am hoping my lovely Friend Pat will like this for her birthday.
 Of course being at Michelle's did mean we had an extra helper who was desperate to craft.
 Michelle and Alans pet Pigeon called PiJ
 she loves visitors and was keen to show us her sorting skills. 

and a little Pigeon pose for the camera!

A lovely day with lovely folks thanks all for your brilliant company and cheeky jokes.
Hope your day was crafty today - thanks for stopping by x

Sunday 1 July 2012

1st July Already!

Wow time really does fly!
Here we are with another Stamp Man swap rather hopeful me thinks with the title of "here comes summer!"

 I used the big flowers from Hero arts and bold bright colours.  Click on the sidebar link to find out more about The Stamp Man swap.

Excitement in the Clarke house on Friday as Meghan's school prom night arrived.  Lots of pics on my facebook page but here is one of her when she arrived at the hotel.
Tim and I were so proud of our beautiful girl and how amazing she looked.
My baby girl quite the young lady and a world away from the slouchy jeans and tops she usually wears - I do hope she gets a taste for the elegant way she looked on Friday and managed to spend all night in her beautiful first pair of heels.

A busy week ahead
tomorrow I am teaching a beginners workshop for a local Cancer Charity Bosom Friends
so we hope to raise the profile of the charity and make some much needed funds to continue their very special work.

Tuesday is a crafty day with 2 of our very special crafty buddies Alison and Pam - Lots of inkyness I am certain!
then on Friday we have 2 workshops at The Craft Range and Saturday at Samuel Taylors Embsay
My day job inbetween!

Hope you have lots of crafty plans ahead
Thanks for stopping by x