Sunday 29 April 2012

Playtime with my new spring distress inks

 Now these were pure luxury of course I didn't need them but I did want them really bad lol.
 They are the most lush colours I have seen for a long time - all three work well but I particularly love the peacock feathers and the squeezed lemonade - the lemonade is the most gorgeous shade of yellow I have ever seen.
 stamps are from Tim Holtz and Kaisercraft
with the script background and elegant weeds from Hero arts.
Love the gorgeous colours. If you hadn't noticed I love them a lot!
Yesterday I came over all ready for spring but instead of cleaning (I rarely get the urge to clean!)  I did feel the need to be prepared so I reinked my distress inks LOL. 
I also bought the papermania mag for May/ June which has the fabulous portobello road papers.  Perfect for my Jubilee projects!
Am off to Bangor today in this wild and wet weather delivering Tom to his new digs and his new job at The University.  I'm so thrilled for him and hope this new chapter of his life proves enriching for him.
Have fun folks and thanks for stopping by x

Saturday 28 April 2012

feel the love


Just thought I would share this today - nothing creative happening at the moment but I appreciate everytime you stop by.
Have a great weekend xx

Friday 27 April 2012

Rocking my world Friday

Anyone who spoke to me last Friday knew I did not feel in the least bit grateful!
I had a run in with my boss last week which resulted in me having a good telling off last Friday morning.  Given I did not feel I had done anything wrong and NEVER having been told off before (honestly never in the 28 years I have worked) I was stunned and cross.
I chewed it over and sent him an email summarizing how I felt and moved on.  The boss does not usually say sorry.
Imagine how thrilled I was on Monday when he took me to one side and apologized for his over reaction!
The conversation was a lengthy one but I felt much happier and respected again afterwards - so that has to be my biggest grateful this week!
I'm glad to have had time off to recharge.
That some sun arrived on Monday and today.
That I am seeing my eldest son tomorrow briefly before he moves to Bangor and his new job.
That I have friends who care.
and family who love me.
When they arrive I will be very happy with my new seasonal distress inks. 
That I am able to appreciate music - Lovin Adeles 21 album.
So a short list but a mighty happy one to end the week x
Thanks for stopping by x

Tuesday 24 April 2012


Photograph of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Over on the docrafts forum someone left a link to this
Its an online digital scrapbook of Queen Victoria's life with some original photos and letters, reports etc released as Queen Victoria was the only other Monarch to have a reign of 60 years.
As a high user of the internet I access lots of information every single day but seeing this yesterday made me think how extremely lucky we are these days to have all this information at the touch of a button.  How wonderful that history is recorded for us all to access to in the comfort of our homes.
My Dad died in 1994 and he was fascinated with technology.  We were the first family to have a BBC computer in my peer group and my Dad made the most of every opportunity he had to learn more about how he could use it.
The year before he died he was telling me about digital photography and how in the future we would use computers to access our photos (at that point my world was my very small children and I had no interest in computers at all).  The internet had not appeared to the general public then (as I found when I googled it with this as the answer) but Dad looked forward to the day he would be able to join in the hungry passion and search for all the knowledge he could find on it.
I am thrilled to have seen the link to this fabulous piece of our history but when looking at it I was reminded that my dad never got to see what the internet would offer us all. That made me feel sad and as usual I missed him as I have everyday since he died.
Still another thing that would amaze him is that I have got to grips with it too - I was never interested in the computer until I found I could access on line forums such as docrafts and now look at me - I spend far too much time here LOL
So I thought I would share the scrapbook with you all - its a fascinating read so I hope you like it x

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Warning this is photo heavy in red and blue!

 So folks on the facebook page fancied a Jubilee project.  Some are scrapbookers and some like me are stamping mad. So I wanted a project that would fit both camps, be adaptable but also be something fresh for me - I am easily bored LOL. So my Little book was formed.
 Inspired by a project in craft stamper a couple of years ago and by a class I did with Clare Rowlands in Feb I came up with my own 7x5 version of a flag card.
 My idea is it can be adapted to take photos and adorned with pretty papers fitting a mini book description.
 Or like mine can be inked and stamped in a layered way and filled with inspirational sayings.
 Stamp sets used are by Pink Paisley, Kanban, Personal Impressions, Creative expressions, Artemio and Tim Holtz
 a real mixture in there
 with a touch or portobello road papers by papermania

 As you can imagine I have very red inky fingers! 
But it was worth it.
Off to post it on the Facebook page and see what folks think.
Thanks for stopping by and if you got to the end - thanks for checking it out!
have a great day x

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Just for a change I thought I would stamp today :0)

Its a local get together at the local shop today so I thought I would make a start on the Jubilee project in my head at the moment.
Its nowhere near finished but here is a sneaky peek of the front cover.
I am the DT in the spotlight over on TIOT today so if you fancy a nosey the do stop by and any questions do fire away xx
Happy Tuesday folks and thanks for stopping by xx

Sunday 15 April 2012

Workshops at The Craft Range

 Our workshops for May are based around revision - a little recap on the techniques learned to re-enforce the learning and also cutting and scoring! Some of the ladies at the Embsay class said this was like an exam!
 Lots of fancy folds and with Fathers day in June we thought we would go all manly this time.
Lots of texture too and a place to slot a gift card.
In the middle a place for a photo of the man in your life.  This is my Dad who sadly died in 1994 - 18 years ago but still missed everyday xxx

To book in at The Craft Range on May 19th 10-30am-4-30pm then contact them here

Friday 13 April 2012

Rocking my world Friday

What a mixed week - I feel like I have been on a roller-coaster of emotions but I promise to try and see the positives in the glum moments.
Last Saturday started well with another fab workshop at Samuel Taylors Embsay Crafts.  A quieter session as everyone seems to have been on holiday this week  but lovely non the less. Some stunning creations using the adirondack ink pads and masterboard technique.
Sunday was a lazy start before heading off to work for an over night shift.  My work pattern seems a little odd to those who have never worked in the care sector but I began at 2-30pm Sunday and finished at 3pm Monday. I also do earlies (7-3 )and lates (2-30pm till 9-30pm) with the odd 10 hour night shift to shake my body clock up a bit!)
The lovely Christina came to stay for a couple of nights collecting my son James and taking him back to Uni on Wednesday - what wonderful young people they are.  We watched Rent on Monday night and really enjoyed spending time with all our kids and Christina - wonderfully bright, intelligent, thoughtful and kind hearted people - My heart swelled with pride being with them all. They have amazing friends, my kids, which is a huge comfort to this Mummy.
Before he came home last week James told me he wanted to talk to me about his future plans.  The upshot is from uni he is going to move into a shared house with Christina and another friend so has effectively now "left home".
Saying goodbye on Wednesday was hard. The first of my flock to actively leave home.  This is actually  how it is supposed to be- you raise them, guide them, nurture them and hopefully they will make their way into the world.  I feel proud really I do he is a wonderful young man with a bright future ahead but the tears still fell and my heart ached a little. My baby boy all grown up and now a man. 
Tomorrow my eldest will do the same.  He goes back to Uni in Manchester then on 29th April we move him to Bangor so he too can begin life as a Man on his own two feet. My heart will ache all over again.
How wonderful to have 2 young men in my life who make me so proud. See I am trying hard to feel those positives.
On Wednesday night Megsy went out with a young man she has a little crush on, and some other friends too. Like her he is creative and musical, he also makes her laugh.  She was floating on air after the meal they had together and so pleased they had a good time .  At 16 she could be into all sorts but he like her is an old fashioned soul and they seem to be taking the friendship slowly. So sensible and wise unlike many of her other friends who are rushing into relationships. Another reason to feel proud.
Some of my work shifts have been stressful of late but on Wednesday I had a wonderful few hours with an autistic teenager.  It reminded me why I do the job I do which to be honest is getting lost a little in paperwork, regulations and cutbacks. It was lovely to have such an intense and direct reminder of the pleasure I get from the work I do.
Much of my crafting lately has been prepping things for upcoming classes so I cannot share pics however I had very blue fingers last night from a day crafting.  I am very pleased with the outcome too.
A day off tomorrow so I am ending on a huge positive. I feel very tired this week, possibly from all the emotions I have felt or maybe from the earlies I have worked but needless to say I am looking forward to a good lie in!
So what has rocked your world then? Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes and share your positives from the last week - Hope to see you there xx

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Try it on Tuesday Pampered pets

So here we are at another challenge at Try it on Tuesday  Sponsored by our good friends  at
One stop card crafts - see the link in my sidebar.
 we would like to see projects with pampered pets on them.
I have gone for a Molly Bloom project I began a while ago for my SILs kitchen who has 2 pet hens Paxo and Bisto (they also supplied me with Easter treats see post below)
I can honestly imagine the hens trotting around the kitchen whilst she baked away!
All the images are coloured with promarkers and the calendar was painted with distress stain peeled paint.
Papers are a pad I have had a while - not sure of the make.
Some Fab projects from my team mates so do stop by and see them here
Hope your weekend was wonderful - I was at work most of the time so am looking forward to some me time on Thursday!
Have fun x Janet

Sunday 8 April 2012

Just a quickie

Happy Easter Sunday folks xx
The last few days have been really busy with Crafting events and the return home of all my children - my chicks are home for Easter!
Sadly I am working on an overnight shift again so wont see much of them but I did want to do my proud Mummy bit and share this - 
This is a track from an album my son James is writing and recording for his dissertation project at the end of his University degree. I love the gentleness in the sound.  I do hope you enjoy it too.
Now don't eat too much chocolate! My SIL brought Tim and I healthy Easter eggs this year laid by her lovely pet hens Paxo and Bisto - utterly delicious they were too!

have a great day folks xx

Wednesday 4 April 2012


I've been spending quite a bit of time on facebook recently and discovered some fabulous groups - even starting one of my own where folks that come to our crafty get togethers can ask questions, share their projects and generally have fun  I have found it quite a lovely experience and keeps me in touch with the lovely folks I come into contact with
One group I was invited to this week is having an atc swap with the theme of birds  So with an hour or two spare yesterday I had a play

This is a combination of stamps by Stampin up (the grasses and leaves) Art is life is by Artistic stamper and the bird Elusive images
The inks I have used are adirondack stonewashed, lettuce and meadow with archival olive green and black for the foreground images
It feels to me like a summer meadow  A little stampin up twine, touch of glossy accents and a charm then mounted onto black and its done  I have done 3 the same as the swap calls for 3
Back to work on a sleep over duty until 3pm tomorrow for me, after a few days off, but its craft club tomorrow night so I have sorted out some crafty things to do and sorted out lots to sell so the ladies get first pick  I really do have too much stuff!
Have a fun and crafty day and thanks for stopping by x
Janet xx

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Music at The Craft Room Challenge

So over at The Craft Room Challenge the theme is music - how could I not enter this when the house is stuffed full of it!
Here is a little welcome hanging given to me by my Pal Georgina

 I painted it cream then stamped music all over it
 Ive added a heart for the house is filled with love, scissors for my crafting
 a guitar to represent James, a piano for Meghan and a teapot for Tom (didnt have a book but his love of tea is legendary!)

This is a poor close up of the music you can see I also rubbed ink around the edges too for a distressed look
Hope this fits the theme well at Craft Room Challenge

Sunday 1 April 2012

Indulging in some colouring

Yesterday my new stamps arrived from Townhouse designs.  Fran the owner has such a personal touch to her shop we have never met but have exchanged quite a few emails mostly about our love of Molly Blooms!

So here is yet another paperbag card with the gorgeous Mystic Molly and the caravan.  This immediately reminded me of a favourite book called the Diddakoi  which was also made into a children's drama series.

 A dream to colour in and teamed with the gorgeous portobello road papers by Papermania I have loved doing this.

The circus tent is gorgeous and love the bunting look which of course I added onto my project too.

I think Popcorn George is my favourite character in the range he is so cheeky!

So here is the inner pages - I do love those papers!

So thats what I have been up to this weekend - hope yours has been creative too xx

New swap at The Stamp Man

Over at The stamp Man atc swap we are playing with buttons and bows - I have been longing to go all suitably british with my new Artemio stamps bought at the show when I met up with Jill and Ian from The Stamp Man.
This stamp set is perfect as the Union Jack flag comes in 2 pieces so you can get a perfect coloured flag everytime.
Some excellent background stamps as well as british landmarks I love the way these have turned out.
Whilst our politicians may not be the most popular folks at the moment The houses of parliments continue to be a wonderful piece of british architecture which is captured beautifully with the artemio stamp set which is a bargain price here
Do stop by The Stamp Man atc swap and see what my team mates have been up to - it would be brilliant if you could also play along.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by x