Thursday 12 March 2015

Batch makes

Always sad when this sort of card has to be made - I made 4 of these for Andrew and Emmas family.
Yellow is because last time I was with Andrew I took him to Asda and he was looking for daffodils - he said the colours were cheery and he wanted them to give to someone.  I didnt have daffodills but I did have this lovely stampin up set which I borrowed from my Mum. The sentiment is another stamping up set and says just how I feel.
Somehow I just need to sum up what the both of them meant to me to add to each card - thats the really difficult bit as I could go on for ages about that!
Thanks for stopping by again x

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Stamp/ die freebies in January

 Loved the stamp/ dies/ masks which were free gifts in the January Simply cards and papercrafts and simply homemade.
These were some batch makes I did at the local shop monthly craft session - good to have a stock of cards just in case.
The colours are momento dew drops - perfect for craft travel and such lovely colours.
Did you get the freebies and do some makes?
Would love to see them xx
Have a great day x
Janet x

Monday 9 March 2015

When Mr MoJo did make an appearance

 I created. This was for a friend who had been away over Christmas and I was house sitting.
 I left a gift in each of her rooms to welcome her home again.
 Saw this idea on Pinterest - a hug a day for a whole year!
Folding the hugs was a labour of love in itself !
Worth it though as she LOVED it!

I will be back to show more stuff when I can find the pics!
Thanks for stopping by x
Janet x

Sunday 8 March 2015

One of Megs pieces

Our Megs is in her foundation year of art and is hoping to progress to University in September studying illustration.
This is one of her recent pieces - as you can see she has been studying emotions.
I love this combination of styles - especially the teeth!
This is a whole days work which for a stunning piece is no time at all.
She amazes me my girl xx

Janet x

Saturday 7 March 2015

Did you think I had left the Country?

 Since I saw you last I have been much quieter on the crafty front. My MoJo upped and went early last year and only made occasional come backs.  This was one of my first cards back teaching after a 3 month break - I love this stamping up set - butterfly basics - and although the card is simple I quite like that its an uncomplicated design - I think I needed to return to basics to build up my confidence again.
In the last 4 months I have lost 2 of my dearest friends - Andrew and Emma.  Both had long battles with the "C" word though Emma died suddenly of a heart attack at just 40 years old. Her brave soulmate Andrew passed just last Tuesday after the "C" word took hold.
 Here they are in happier times and how I will remember them - very much in love and there for each other no matter what.
and this little rascal takes up some time too - who can resist the cuddles and playtimes with such a cute puppy.  This is Rosie who will be a year old on 23rd March.  Our lives have been enriched by her joining our family and she is very much loved.

Hope I wont be a stranger here but I cannot promise.  Lifes twists and turns are unpredictable.
Am going on a wander - so who knows I may be visiting you today !
Have a great weekend xx
Janet x