Monday 31 December 2012

so that was Christmas.........

Christmas passed here in a blur of tissues, cold remedy's and sleep to be honest.  I woke on on the 22nd feeling utterly lousy and it just got worse from there on.  Thanks goodness for the cold and flu capsules is all I can say which got me through my working days till boxing day when I truly just gave in. From boxing day to the 30th I slept most of the time and when awake drank warm ribena (never touch the stuff when I am well but its a must when I am full of cold)

I have never been ill like it.  Not only did I ache and all the usual cold rubbish but I just could not think - my brain was just utter mush.  Thankfully I had no entertaining planned (which I would have had to cancel) and my lovely family have looked after me.  I am sad that I did not have the energy to enjoy the week when both boys were home but was so pleased to have them all here.

Here we are at the 31st December - I am still not right but at least am able to think a little (although I have needed a 3 hour nap every day from the strain lol). 2012 has been a mixed year - hubby is still making small steps to recovery after his breakdown and I am grateful he seems on the way out the other side.

My hopes for 2013 are :- Health for us all.  A year when finances become more stable and that my children are still heading for their dreams.
Wishing you all the best for 2013, thanking you for stopping by to say hello and read my rambles and view my crafting. 

Happy New Year
Janet xx

Saturday 15 December 2012

Present begun last year!

 This is my first pair of knitted socks and possibly the only pair I would ever knit!  I began them last year in September after seeing a lovely bed socks pattern in Crafts Beautiful.  The socks themselves were completed some time ago but last night I got on and knitted the ruffle.
They are far from a perfect example of fine knitted socks but they are done! So they may be late but someones tootsies will be warm this Christmas!

Our last craft class was yesterday so now begins the huge task of sorting the craft room for Tom coming home on Tuesday. Looking forward to my boy being home but not the mass move of stuff!

Hope your day is far more exciting!
Janet x 

Thursday 13 December 2012

My week so far......

Yesterday saw me and hubby head off to meet our eldest son Tom at Manchester University where he graduated with his Masters degree in research.  He loves studying and has a bottomless soul when it comes to knowledge but he did show this from a very early age.  His love of books and reading was apparent from babyhood and often as he grew he would have a book in his pocket to fill any empty moments with a little more knowledge.  To say I am proud of my kids is an understatement which I am sure every mum feels too.
He looks so much like my own Dad its uncanny and I know my Dad is enjoying watching his grow and develop from above. Well done Son! 

On Monday Mum and I played with distress markers.  I used them on a cute image where as Mums were more traditional.  Both of us were so pleased with the outcomes Mum asked to go to the local shop to buy a set today!
I love how easy they are to use and how developing depth is a breeze.  Only helps with the right paper though this is WHS 300 gsm cold pressed watercolour paper.  Often on offer in the sale so if you fancy a try look out for it after Christmas.
As you an maybe tell i turned my image into a commission card.  Been so busy with those lately I do wish i could train folks to think about them in November!!

Thanks for stopping by today especially if you have managed to leave a comment too - I really appreciate it xx Janet xx

Monday 10 December 2012

Not been feeling myself at all

I think the pressure of the last year has started to affect me as I have struggled to concentrate the last few weeks.  I have a week off this week which is much needed as I transform the craft room back to a bedroom for my eldest coming home for Christmas.
Here is a project i began a couple of weeks ago and finished off today.  I got the idea from the crafts for Christmas book published by practical publishing and really enjoyed doing it.

 the fabric was stampin ups last years colours which are muted and vintage looking just what I wanted.
 Bow looks a little crooked here so may need another little stitch.
and here is the whole thing.  I do think I will make more for next years gifts.  The baubles are from tesco as is the gold star and the whole thing is made on a wire coat hanger!
Fab project which i loved reproducing my self.

Hope all is well in your world and you are looking forward to Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by x

Wednesday 5 December 2012

More Elves

 Sorry I have been MIA - not been feeling too good to be honest but I am not here to winge but to show you some more Elf makes ahead of C4s film showing  on Sunday. First off a notepad makeover for the lovely Joanne a fellow Elf fan!
Then a plain tin was transformed with a few left overs as a gift.
These were both coloured with the distress pens and my Elf cards have since been snapped up so I must make a few more.  Luckily I have held one back for our crafty card swap at the festive breakfast on the 17th December.
Just completed my matchboxes for a 12 days of Christmas swap on facebook.  I ended up with 2 to do following a drop out so have been busy with 4 calling birds and 7 swans a swimming!
Hopefully by Saturday all 12 will be together so I can share them here.
Thanks for stopping by x

Saturday 1 December 2012

Sundays makes

 Sunday saw me playing with the distress pens again this time for more commissions.  It began when Caroline asked me to do a card using this Molly Blooms fireplace for her hubby.  I just love how it comes to life with the pens - so much nicer than anything I have achieved with promarkers!
 Once the card was finished I was then asked to make 2 more similar cards for Tracey and Tinas hubbys so the colouring took most of the day!
 I as however as thrilled with the results as they were.

I did manage a couple mores projects which I will share tomorrow x
Thanks for stopping by to see my crafty makes x