Monday, 31 December 2012

so that was Christmas.........

Christmas passed here in a blur of tissues, cold remedy's and sleep to be honest.  I woke on on the 22nd feeling utterly lousy and it just got worse from there on.  Thanks goodness for the cold and flu capsules is all I can say which got me through my working days till boxing day when I truly just gave in. From boxing day to the 30th I slept most of the time and when awake drank warm ribena (never touch the stuff when I am well but its a must when I am full of cold)

I have never been ill like it.  Not only did I ache and all the usual cold rubbish but I just could not think - my brain was just utter mush.  Thankfully I had no entertaining planned (which I would have had to cancel) and my lovely family have looked after me.  I am sad that I did not have the energy to enjoy the week when both boys were home but was so pleased to have them all here.

Here we are at the 31st December - I am still not right but at least am able to think a little (although I have needed a 3 hour nap every day from the strain lol). 2012 has been a mixed year - hubby is still making small steps to recovery after his breakdown and I am grateful he seems on the way out the other side.

My hopes for 2013 are :- Health for us all.  A year when finances become more stable and that my children are still heading for their dreams.
Wishing you all the best for 2013, thanking you for stopping by to say hello and read my rambles and view my crafting. 

Happy New Year
Janet xx


  1. Oh you poor thing Janet, I hope you start to feel much better really quickly now, may 2013 be full of blessings

    Much Love

  2. Oh my poor dear friend,what a horrible way to spend your favourite time of the year !!!!!!! glad your feeling a little better,wish you and yours a very happy new year better than the last one in the main,luv Georginaxxx

  3. Hi Janet

    So sorry you haven't been well over Christmas. Sounds like you have had a good dose of flu !!

    Thank goodness your family were able to look after you.

    You can always cook them a special thank you meal when you are back on form!! But take it easy for a while if you can.

    Wishing you a good and happy 2013.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Lets hope 2013 is a special year for you all. Hugs Bee

  5. Hope your full recovery is very soon, Janet. It does sound like you are on the mend now. Hope 2013 brings health and happiness...and a few good frosts to kill off all these bugs!

  6. Not good Janet, me too, hope your feeling much better. Wishing you a happy crafty 2013. Carolxx

  7. It doesn't have to be the 25 December to have a huge family feast and get together.... - get another date in the diary! x


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