Thursday, 30 August 2012

A whole week......

has gone by since my last post.
Last weekend saw me celebrating my birthday again with my last pressie this year - a trip to London to see my son perform at one of his regular gigs at The Fig Tree in Uxbridge. This was a present from my brother and his family who came along with us.

Photo: Missing some band members but still putting on a great gig.
here is James singing away along with the very talented Christie who is his girlfriend. - She has an amazing voice.

The next day we split up and did our own thing - we spent the afternoon shopping with James and Christie.  Meghan says Christie is like the big sister she doesn't have which was wonderful.
Later on we had a meal at the local chinese restaurant - this lovely pic was taken by my
 Nephew who is 8.
Since we got back (2-30am on Monday morning) I've had a shift every day and been busy with upcoming class projects so nothing to show you crafty wise.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts for my hubby who has been doing mornings all this week.  Its a struggle for him remembering everything and only time will tell but so far its all positive

Just remembered I can show you this - our stamping clubs next session is all about tapestry stamps.
You can see more samples on the Lovin ink blog here
These were lots of fun to play with!

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Proud almost to bursting point

GCSE results today so a little tense in the household but not to worry as our Megsy did really well - she passed all 12 of her exams excelling in music (not unexpectedly) and English Literature which she was surprised at.  So 2 As, 4 Bs, 2 Cs a Distinction and 2 passes was amazing results - It was wonderful to see her so proud of herself and exceeding her own expectations.
She is off celebrating with her pals and deservedly so.

This week I decided to begin my Christmas knick knacks production and have redesigned 5 gorgeous notebooks I found for 49p each in Sainsburys

 Basic Grey "North Country" papers give them a totally new look
 perfect for all those lists we make at Christmas.
this is the naked book - lovely hardbacked and a dream to alter - thanks Sainsburys!

Of to do a little celebrating myself so I don't actually burst.
Well done our Megsy - we are very proud xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

More London 2012

Today saw Michelle and I head for the hills in search of a gorgeous retreat in Calderdale.
I very stupidly did not take photos of the amazing views we were surrounded with nor the amazing workroom we were given tour of but quite honestly the day was bliss.

We have found the most amazing friends through crafting.  You know the sort of folks who its just easy to be with, where deep and meaningful conversations can happen in amongst the delight of a gorgeous stamp, sheet of paper or new technique.  Where just being you is the only thing they want you to be.  Today was a day for sharing that sort of time with that sort of friends - priceless!

Michelle chose the project and brought some gorgeous hearts she had bought a few Christmas' ago.  They were lovely as they were but also begged to be altered and alter we did.
With a little help from my red, white and blue box that has my British supplies in it  

 We inked, stamped, cut out, sanded, glued and fiddled till we were happy with our hearts.  All the while laughing, chatting, being deep and meaningful, daft and frivolous and generally enjoying the ease of the company and beautiful surroundings and mine ended up like this.

I'm cross I didn't take photos because at lunchtime we sat really quiet, looking around at the beauty surrounding us and do you know the only sound I could hear was...................

My tinnitus! Yes it was so far into the beautiful Calderdale countryside the sounds of the town were not to be heard.  What a joy to share such a wonderful day with such special friends.

Huge thanks Michelle, Pam and Alison xxxx

I'd like to enter this into the Simon says stamp No Rules challenge here
Hope your day was great x
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Rocking my World Friday

A few weeks since I have played along with the rockin your world folks but there has been lots going on to make life the roller coaster it is.  So first up here is the RYW logo crated by the amazingly talented Virginia over at The Celtic House 

So first up - last Saturday was my birthday which I spent with my lovely Pal in Richmond Georgina - just the two of us and we had lots of fun and chat together.
Next up a chinese with my Family yum yum
Sunday was quiet, sleepy and lazy.....
Monday was a funny old day but if you follow the blog you know why - it also saw Megsy and her pal getting creative with paints and stamps - always a joy to see :0)
Tuesday spent time with crafty buddies peacefully watercolouring and having afternoon tea - bliss.
Wednesday saw Michelle and I agreeing a workshop schedule for one of the shops we work alongside and were thrilled when they invited us along to the Woodware retailers weekend with them - another crafty weekend to look forward to.
Thursday was a much needed chill and paperwork day with schedules galore being created.  Everything in order we just have to let the plan unfold!
Today was a wonderfully painty and inky session at The CraftRange where we have been doing a taster session around basic art journalling.  
Here is my page all based around my feelings about 2012

Got a quiet weekend planned with the family before Hubby returns to work after being off *gulp* 9 months.  If you have some positive thoughts spare do send them his way as he eases back into work for 3 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

So thats what rocked my world - what rocked yours I would love to know........

Janet x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Friendship and tears

 Spent a lovely day with friends today - imparticular my Lovin ink 'tother half Michelle. She gave me this as a late gift (she has already bought me gorgeous shelving for my craft room.)
 Inside was this beautiful jigsaw in a wonderfully crafted presentation box
with this lovely verse on it.
Thanks Pal I love it lots!.

Yesterday was an odd day - My brothers 36th birthday - or would have been.   He died in a car crash 18 years ago. Its always a sad time but this year felt sadder somehow.
My eldest son came home for the night on Sunday - He has grown his hair again over the last year after 3 years of a shaved head - I must say I am relieved - less fond of the beard that has arrived with it but I just want to touch his hair everytime I see him.  This time I was reminded of my brother as Toms hair is a similar colour and texture and his birthday is soon - he will be 25. 7 years older than our Richard was when he died - it set me off thinking of the man he would have become and all the years he and we have missed out on .
I just know he would have been a really grand bloke - he was already, funny and handsome but kind and gentle too.
Time doesn't really heal but things do become more bearable as we learn to cope. So yesterday was a tearful day but also filled with memories I treasure very much.

Thanks for stopping by 
x Janet x

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Happy birthday to me.....

Spent a lovely day with my pal Georgy from My secret place which was all in my birthday plans this year - she is a truly lovely lady and I was very blessed to meet her at a craft retreat 5 years ago. We have been firm friends ever since!
Back home for some yummy chinese with my family - My fortune cookie said 
"you will go to the top of the world"
Which made me smile as I feel I am there already!!!!
Here are a few of the gifts I received this year.

 This beautiful drawing was done by my Daughter and was waiting on my computer keyboard - combining her love of horses and my love of the Union Flag this is a gorgeous original for me to treasure.
 More britishness - how my friends know me well this stunning tin of tea from Fortnam and Mason is wonderful.

as are these lovely tealight or mini candle holders which will have pride of place in my craft room
along with this little beauty - a pressie from my mum so I can listen to the debates on radio 2 whilst I craft.

I  received some stunning cards and artwork as gifts I can honestly say I have been blown away with such thoughtful friends.
My family have also been ultra thoughtful with my Bro and SIL taking me ,hubby and Megsy to see Downtown Social club at The Fig tree in Uxbridge on the 25th August.  As this is my sons band it will be the first proper gig I will have been to see of his and I cant wait.
This is the sort of music my son and his band play

click the link to the Facebook page to hear them play
The recording has been made at a live Young Farmers Hoe down gig they played at in July so I cant wait to see them for myself live.
The middle one is my son if you are trying to guess.
They are collecting facebook likes so if you have a moment to listen to their track and like the page that would be brilliant.
Goodnight from a very spoiled and loved Clarky J xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Special treat

Since my 40th Birthday I have decided myself what will happen as my birthday treat and mostly its a crafty Jaunt.
This year I decided Crab Apple Crafts was THE place to visit having met both Nigel and Rosemary in June at an event we all demoed at.
Rosemary is just as lovely in person as she comes across as on TV.
We were thrilled she agreed to make a little make and take with us which turned out to be 2 mini books for us to play at making.
Here she is showing us what we will make.

Before we began my Partner in all things inky had arranged a wonderful surprise and some delicious cheesecake from one of the sites shop appeared with tea/ coffee all round.
as you can see it was delicious!
Then down to the serious business of crafting. 
with the odd bit of hilarity thrown in.

I'm sure they have been left feeling like we were completely bonkers as we were singing and dancing in the shop aisles to their inspiring music.
The shop is stuffed with scrapbooking and altered art goodies which kept us all captivated and we left filled with wonderful ideas of what to make with our goodies. Whats more there are other gorgeous shops on the Lady Heyes site which make it such a doable day trip. 

We had a lovely time.
(huge thanks to Tracey who was the photographer)

and here is the full group shot taken by Nigel - I really lovely Guy.
From the back Left - Jean, Pam, Liz, Michelle, Rosemary, Tracey, Rita, Anna
bottom right - Mum, Me and Bee
We so missed Glynis and Alison who couldn't make it but I am sure we will do it again!!!
Just to be clear its not my birthday today - thats on Saturday and I have more planned for then!!!

huge thanks to both Rosemary and Nigel for a wonderful birthday treat.
What's more Michelle and I stocked up on books for the March Lovin' Ink retreat I can feel a whole lot of altering going on.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

something different for me....

A few weeks ago we played with bleach at Stamping club experimenting with different cardstock so see what gave the best results - our findings were that Stampin up card gives an excellent results with perfect fadeout bleaching.
Its good to revisit old techniques and introduce new folks to them.  The following week I went to the card club at the local shop only to find the smell of bleach wafting around as 2 of the Friday ladies continued with their experiments.  Some stunning cards were produced and I finally got round to finishing this sample today. I adore this Lily stamp - Lillies mean a lot to me so I always find them beautiful.

Not wishing to scare anyone but did you know there are only 139 days till Christmas? I was playing last night and have added my efforts to my Christmas blog here

Thanks for visiting hope you have a great day x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Embossing folders

 Been looking at embossing folders in a different light recently especially as we have a workshop coming up about them and making your own on October 6th at Samuel Taylors, Embsay store.  Saw this and in light of my sewing theme must haves, this joined them.  The folder comes as a 2 pack from sizzix and I would just love to have one half the size too if you are looking in Mr Sizzix.........
 The chipboard buttons (TH bigz die sewing room) have been stamped with tapestry stamps coloured with the distress pens perfect little stamps for such a project.  Then embossed with clear embossing powder. 
Isn't that vintage buttons heading lush?? the spiced marmalade DI has highlighted the embossed bits beautifully.  I just love the folder.

A much quieter day time to catch up with some admin jobs, make some calls and catch up with facebook - total contrast to the weekends busyness! 
Am on the countdown to my birthday now with my planned birthday jaunt to look forward to will tell you all about it another day.
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

saying thanks

 When we went to London for James' Graduation we stayed over at his new home so it seemed only fair to send a thank you card to him and his housemates for letting us stay.
This stamp seemed perfect as there are 3 of them sharing - I managed to use up some left over papers too which is rare for me I usually hoard them! The stamp is by Hobby Art.

Its been a busy few days.
I worked 6 days on the trot with 3 sleepovers finishing at 7-15am on Friday morning until the 21st - Wow am I thrilled to have time to chill for a while.
Friday saw the first art journalling session at Craft Range which went really well with everyone enjoying playing around and experimenting.
Saturday was our usual inky workshop at Samuel Taylors, Embsay where we played with resist techniques all day.
And today I went to a scrapbook crop and spent time doing samples for the next round of workshops in September.
Phew I'm tired just typing it!
Hope your weekend has been fun and busy with lots of crafty time too!
Thanks for stopping by x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

New month so that means time for a new Stamp Man swap!

Enjoying the Olympics? Amazing to watch all that talent and in our Country too!
The theme over at The Stamp Man was in anticipation of all the medals the British team will win and we are calling is precious metals.
Some excellent crafting materials around to give you a fabulous metal effect to your projects but in truth my inspiration came when my Niece and Nephew came to stay early in July and had some Olympic chocolates. The wrappers were all in red, blue and silver foil with silhouette pictures of Olympic sports on them so a saved a few.
Here are my silver pair.

The stamps are from a magazine freebie at the end of last year and just seemed perfect for the look I wanted.
Want to know more about the Stamp Man atc swap? just click on the link in my sidebar to whizz on over there to find out.

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