Friday, 17 August 2012

Rocking my World Friday

A few weeks since I have played along with the rockin your world folks but there has been lots going on to make life the roller coaster it is.  So first up here is the RYW logo crated by the amazingly talented Virginia over at The Celtic House 

So first up - last Saturday was my birthday which I spent with my lovely Pal in Richmond Georgina - just the two of us and we had lots of fun and chat together.
Next up a chinese with my Family yum yum
Sunday was quiet, sleepy and lazy.....
Monday was a funny old day but if you follow the blog you know why - it also saw Megsy and her pal getting creative with paints and stamps - always a joy to see :0)
Tuesday spent time with crafty buddies peacefully watercolouring and having afternoon tea - bliss.
Wednesday saw Michelle and I agreeing a workshop schedule for one of the shops we work alongside and were thrilled when they invited us along to the Woodware retailers weekend with them - another crafty weekend to look forward to.
Thursday was a much needed chill and paperwork day with schedules galore being created.  Everything in order we just have to let the plan unfold!
Today was a wonderfully painty and inky session at The CraftRange where we have been doing a taster session around basic art journalling.  
Here is my page all based around my feelings about 2012

Got a quiet weekend planned with the family before Hubby returns to work after being off *gulp* 9 months.  If you have some positive thoughts spare do send them his way as he eases back into work for 3 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

So thats what rocked my world - what rocked yours I would love to know........

Janet x


  1. Lots of arty fun, Janet - that's always gotta be a good thing, right?!

    I hope all goes well when your hubby goes back to work - it's great that he is able to ease himself back rather than straight into full time, that would be really difficult after 9 months off.


  2. Sending lots of positive thoughts to your hubby and to you. It is hard to go back and good that he can ease himself in. Both of you be strong. Jenx

  3. Love the art journal page!
    Hope verything goes ok with your hubby returning to of luck to him
    Have a great week x

  4. Lots of lovely positives and I hope all went well for hubby.

    Those journal pages are fabulous.

    Toni xx

  5. Oh Janet a fabulous list, full of craftiness. Hope DH is OK, 9 months is a long time but a phased return sounds like a very good idea. Hope work is remembering that he's been away a while.

    I also hope this week has been a positive.

    Much love as always


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