Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesday Taggers a day late!

Our lovely team mate on Tuesday Taggers, Pat chose the theme of weddings for this weeks projects. I am a day late but have got there in the end with a LO of my own wedding 24 years ago - Yes next February the 14th we will have been married for 25 years! Any suggestions on how to celebrate would be most appreciated because we most definately don't want to have a party!
Gosh I was merely a child 19 and a half - thats so scary now I have kids of my own. My middle son James wears the shirt that Tim wore on our wedding day for work its a perfect fit!

The dress is now a Christening gown as Mum and I made it for my daughter with the most gorgeous cream and peach lace and those boots - I loved them but they were crippling! Go on you must have had a pair of tucker boots???

Whoops too much wedding info and not enough about the LO -LOL
Papers by Anna Griffin - technically from a Christmas set as are the embelishments but seeing as it snowed on the day it seemed to fit perfectly. I just need to do some journalling in the space stamped with a paperartsy stamp. The photos are actually the proofs from the day which we chose the wedding album, pics from - you know the one that album you spend a fortune on then look at twice in your whole life but just have to have!!!
Tomorrow sees the launch of the Stampmans atc swap - hang on to your hats folks its going to be a good one!

I am sooooo happy!

Here they are my 2 little miracles! I can hear, I have no tinnitus, I can watch the TV at a normal volume, and maybe just maybe they will help with the vertigo too. I cannot say how happy I feel today. Its like feeling normal again for the first time in years.

Thanks for all your lovely messages of support. Hopefully thats the end of my saga and I can resume life as normal.

and talking of normal - here is something I made at the weekend. You may recognise it from Craft Stampers July issue. I got the hero arts stamps as a gift which was a lovely surprise but as I had not got the other stamp sets I improvised. The leaf stamp is from the hero arts set and the circle is actually the lid off something and I have filled in the gaps with doodles. I quite like it although have already made 2 cards and an atc and still have more than half the page left. I think I may be doing this again maybe with the new craft stamper flower freebie.

Have a great day everyone from a very Happy Clarky J x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The saga continues

Well my ears have been syringed despite the nurse thinking they were ok! She went on about how I may be affected by the menieres as my balance organ would be stimulated - I reassured her my balance organs don't work (something to be grateful for at last lol!) so she did it anyway Hurrah! Clean ears ready for the hearing aids at 8-15am tomorrow!

Sorry no Tuesday Taggers post today - I am afraid I got behind and yesterdays events did mean I have not done my dt project - the first time in over a year. Still as always my awesome team mates have done us proud and the newest team member Georgina well its gorgeous G x Do hop on over for a look x

Monday, 28 June 2010

The Law of Sod!

Do not read if you are a Doctors receptionist - this will surely offend!

2 weeks ago I got the letter from the hospital about my hearing aids. As you know I was so excited and am pinning lots on these little gems not just about regaining hearing. Well at the bottom of the letter it said to get my ears checked at the docs so I dutifully rang and explained what I wanted.
" The nurse checks ears and she cannot see you until the 30th" Said the helpful (?) receptionist. "But my appointment is on the 28th" I say. "Well there is no appointments with the nurse until the 30th" is the reply. "so what do I do? "I ask. "Cancel the appointment and make another" I am told. "But I have waited 10 weeks for this appointment !" I say. "Well the nurse cannot see you until the 30th" "Right can I make an appointment to see the doctor I say" "No the doctor does not check ears"????
So armed with this totally stupid conversation I contact the hospital. "Dont worry come anyway" I am told - phew thinks I.
So there I am all eager and 45 minutes early. Gets in and - "Im sorry your ears are blocked. We cant fit them today"!
At this point I dont know whether to laugh or cry (only had 3 and half hours sleep last night so feeling fragile anyhow). So the lovely chap checks the appointments. - I can have one for 8-15am on Wednesday can I get them syringed before then?
I laugh nervously then hysterically before recounting my receptionist encounter. Poor fella must have thought I was totally mad. So rang the docs to be told there are appointments for tomorrow but I cannot have one unless I ring at 8am.........
Oh my goodness no wonder the NHS is costing so much money.
I will keep you posted - am now off to lie in a darkened room and think of revenge tactics on doctors receptionists!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

TYI Cupcakes oh my!

Now surprisingly I dont own any cupcake stamps - no really I dont! So when I saw this cupcake sheet at Kanban last week I grabbed it quick lol. I'm not a huge fan of pre design stuff but sometimes it just fits the bill. So I decorated a tag sleeve and then made a tag from Mountboard to pop inside. The letters are by papemania and the ribbon from stash.
Of course I had to stamp it somewhere so Ive used a background stamp to cover the tag after first smooching brushed corderoy distress ink all over it.
This is our final week of the tag swap so I hope you are all going to join in! I cant wait to see them! Remember to add your details to the back so we know whose we have received and of course your SAE for me to post them out to you. Email me here for my address.
Full details of the swap are on the TYI blog along with gorgeous samples from my team mates so do hop on over for a look x
Other news - Tomorrow sees my hearing aids appointment hurrah. So I wont be back in blogland until tomorrow night as I am at work this afternoon until tomorrow but I may be hearing more again by the time I am back fingers crossed xx
Happy Sunday folks

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sad news this week

From a lovely friend whose Mum has died suddenly. Made this card using the funky flowers from The Stampman coloured with promarkers and distress inks. The little dragonfly is a symbol for her as she is the founding member of a craft forum I belong to called The Malham Damselflies - of course damselflies are not easy to find as a charm so I have added the dragonfly instead. If you are very eagle eyed you will even spot some peel offs............
So the card is sent with love and sorrow as I know the coming months will be hard for her. Huge hugs my friend xx

Friday, 25 June 2010

Rockin my world Friday!

Here we are at Friday again where has that week gone??? Thanks Virginia for this fab reflective focus for the end of the week! So as a fellow Rockette here we go!
My list of happy thoughts from this week!
1) Tom has got a degree! Yes I have a graduate for a son - how wonderful is that??? He got a 2:1 degree in psychology. So proud of him as at times the road has been a little bumpy but he has done us all proud! (now just got to find an outfit for the graduations ceremony in 3 weeks - Yikes!)
2)My family - yesterday saw yet another vertigo attack and as usual they were all fantastic!
3) Friends - As I struggle to go places these days, with no driving license due to the menieres, I am dependant on others to take me places. I have gone on public transport however last time I went on the train I had a vertigo attack on the way back, stumbled off the train and then struggled to get from one platform to the exit in an upright position. No one came to my aid but then I couldnt blame them either as I looked like I was drunk swaying everywhere. As you can imagine this has put me off so I try to go places with others who know me, and what the vertigo attacks do to me, as this makes me feel safer. Anyway focus on the positive girl - My friend Elaine took me to Kanban this week - ages since we have been there and ages since we have been out together it was lovely xx
3) Bacon butty vans - Now I know this may seem like an odd one however my crafty chums and I like to live a decadent life and dine out when we go craft shopping. Truely we know a bacon butty van on route to every craft shop we go to. I mean why spend out on a fancy lunch when you want new stash???? Well the bacon butty van by Kanban is the best one of all. The girls who run it are soooo friendly and the food is always perfect they have actually been awarded 5 stars. So they are on my list of happys for the week lol!
4) Blogland - this part of cyberspace has to be one of the nicest places to come to. Lots of fun challenges, lovely folk leaving comments and inspiration galore. A window into another crafters space which is always open how fantastic is that???
5) and talking of blogland 3 lovely folk have joined in this week the first being my pal Elaine aka Camping Crafter - do stop by and take a look she is a fabulous crafter with more than 20 years experience so most techniques she has seen come and go a few times lol. The second is someone from cyberland - a brilliant crafter who frequents the docraft forum and of whom I proudly own some of her gorgeous atcs and the most stunning card (which she gave me in March and is still up on the dresser as its so gorgeous!) So do take a look at Cazros crafty corner. The third is not exactly new to blogging but has just been revived and is from the huggiest person in the whole world Bobs.
In fact I am going to add Bobs as an extra thankful post
So No 6 is Bobs
who send the loveliest hugs every single week without fail via text - she telepathically seems to know the exact day they are needed and is herself an awesome crafter - Big hugs to you ((((((hug)))))) Bobs xx
So go and check out my fellow Rockettes over at The Celtic house!

I have been crafting this week honest just things I cannot share just yet. I am so excited for the launch of the Stampmans atc swap next week so have been busy doing those atcs and also for other swaps coming up. So I will leave you with a photo from a couple of weeks ago. A trip to Graphicus and meet up with the loveliest of people

From the left - Me, Cazro, Joanne, Georgina, Elaine and Michelle. Meeting Cazro at the shop was a complete but fabulous surprise. If you ever get chance to visit Graphicus you wont be disappointed, brilliant products, an awesome sale section and a place for a cuppa with donations to charity perfect!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Beautiful Oriental Book

This is a page from the gorgeous Oriental book my Crafty Partner Michelle has created for the workshop at The Stampman on the 7th July. If you are interested in the workshop then click on the link at the top of my blog to find out more.

Tuesday Taggers - all about shoes!

I've cheated here! I was looking for some welly cards I know I have somewhere for this challenge but could not find them so I have settled for a page from an art journal. Adirondack paint dabbers, magazine image and doodling with gel pens. Im afraid I have never been a heels girl even in my slimmer days I didn't like wearing them so thats what I have journalled about too - that and my dislike of clothes shopping! Now craft shopping is another story...........
So check out my other DT pals over on Tuesday Taggers me thinks there are some heels lovers amongst them! Thanks for choosing the theme Sally :0)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

So Excited the new blog has gone Live!

Click on the picture to find out about the most fabulous atc blog candy!

TYI make a ribbon embelishment

Over at Tag You're It our June swap is continuing and our third theme is making a ribbon embelishment. As you can see I have just used strips of ribbon to make a button flower. The image is by Alota stamps and the paper is actually a magazine freebie from yonks ago but seemed bright a breezy colours :0).
Looking at your tags last week I am sure hoping there is going to be some of them in the tag swap - they are gorgeous. That inspired by theme was well so inspiring! I hope you let the person who inspires you have a link to your tag!
So what ribbon embelishment can you come up with? I am looking forward to coming to see them! Right I am off to dunk Custard creams (see previous post LOL).

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fathers day tomorrow

This card is for my Father in Law. Who is also having his 81st birthday on Fathers day! Hope he likes it.
Sadly my own Father died suddenly 16 years ago so none to make for my own. My Sis has just been chatting about "our dad" and saying she wanted to give him a card (Amy is 32 and has downs syndrome). We have decided we are still going to celebrate for him as he is still our dad. So tomorrow we will have a cup of tea and a custard cream in his honour - his favourite biscuit. We have to eat it just like he did - bite off the top, scrape off the cream and dunk the bottom! Sounds yuck but its what he did and a memory we have of him doing many times. memories like that are soooo precious!

Friday, 18 June 2010

So here we are at Friday again and the lovely Virginia at The Celtic House invites us to list positives from our week!
Top of my list must be Airedale General Hospital for sending my hearing aids appointment at last - I'm banking on them helping me so much so glad its finally happening!
Next must be my family
Ive had a few vertigo attacks this week which are frightening and terribly disabling. My Hubby and my kids are brilliant at looking after me - dropping into carer mode immediately I need them and then when I am better going right back to Mum being the all singing and dancing. I cannot explain how much this return to normality means to me - I hate the attacks, the way they make me feel, the psychological effect they have on my ability to cope and the fact that they remind me the worse case scenario could mean me one day being disabled through it but the return to normality helps me feel that I can still be in charge of most of my life most of the time.
Friends - I had to cancel a meet up with an old school friend last Friday because of a horrific headache (caused I think by the spread of tinnitus to both my ears - they ring in unison now). She was lovely about it - so understanding. We were mates at school and slowly drifted apart when we got married so its lovely to get in touch and catch up on the last 22 years.
I also met up with friends last night for a meal at The Bella Napoli in Crosshills - a gorgeous meal and catch up with special folk. We dont eat there often but when we do we are treated like royalty and last night was no exception with Gino bringing us complimentary liquers after our coffee. I do hope its not too long before we go back!
and finally my MoJo
I am so glad my Mojo has returned although when it does go missing I always seem to get it back in Christmas mode - I've felt so festive this week and adored my Tim Holtz Christmas stamps and inks its really kick started me again you can see my festive madness here LOL.
So huge thanks Virginia for encouraging a positive start to the weekend - I am working the next 4 weekends - payback time for having so many off I suspect but the next weekend off is for my eldest sons graduation and the Claxby craft retreat so I am sooooo looking forward to that!
Have a great weekend folks x

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I was so disappointed when the papermania atc albums hit the shelves - they seemed so bland and un appealing - still when they hit the sales I bought 3.
I wanted to transform one - Ive used Tim Holtz 8x8 papers that my lovely pal Georgina gave me ages ago - they were perfect for the job being almost the right size leaving little waste.

I covered inside the cover too - used my cropodile to make 2 holes and added ribbon. NOW its fit to house a small part of my atc collection (over 1000 and growing!).
Thanks GG the papers look ace and finished if off nicely!
Hope you are having a good day in the sunshine. Tuesday saw me have a vertigo attack in the middle of the night - whats that all about then? I woke feeling soooo sick and thought I must have food poisoning (I ate a prawn salad on tuesday that was out of date by 1 day - well I didnt tell the prawns did you??). Still when I sat up to go to the loo everything was spinning (so the prawns didnt know after all lol). 2 hours later it was all over so I wonder what the trigger was for that??? The post arrived today with a hospital appointment for my hearning aids to be fitted Hurrah so hopefully I will be a hearing person again. I have noticed the last week the tinnitus has spread to both ears and is no longer the whooshing I have had before but a ringing - at least its in unison! No wonder I spent the weekend with nasty headaches though! Still positive mental attitude says Hurrah for the hearing aids and hope all becomes a little better in that department!
Happy Thursday x Janet

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I don't usually but..........

I just needed to share this little bit of Christmas with you! Saw some graphic 45 papers at the local craft shop yesterday and could not wait to make this card. I adore my Tim Holtz stamps! You can find out more here
And wow 203 followers already! thanks for stopping by x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Vintage feel at Tuesday Taggers

Our lovely Team mate Ildiko has challenged us to become like a fine wine and look great vintaged - shame the whole of me doesn't get the make over only this bookmark!
The music paper is certainly vintaged as it has come from some old music given to us that was falling apart. Its had a bit of aging help in the form of stencils and masks teamed with adirondack colour washes and I must say its looking rather gorgeous on its own. Hence I have only added a crafty individuals image and some fibres so the music stays looking old and splendid!

I notice today I am at 199 followers! Wow so many people taking a peek at my ramblings and play things I am flattered. Your comments always brighten my day so thanks for stopping by x

Do visit my Tuesday Taggers friends where looking old and splendid is the theme of today xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

ATC alert!

I may have mentioned before my passion for exchanging atcs with other people. I have hosted a number of swaps over on the docraft forum over the last few years - the very first one being embossing and the last one Time.
Imagine my delight when Jill from The Stampman said yes when I asked if she would like to re-kindle their atc swap? Perfect!
So watch out as from the 1st July we shall have a monthly atc swap going, with our own blog and everything! I'm too excited for words!!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Tag You're it - Inspired by

This lady has been a huge influence on my crafting. Dyan Reavely. Hers was the only studio for miles around doing scrapbook workshops back in 2005 when I was new to scrapbooking. Mum and I began going to her classes and I was hooked! Each session I went along to I learned so much more and over the last year I have been lucky to attend 3 of her weekend workshops too. Dy encouraged me to set up my own craft group and has been a support of it through the early days allowing me to use her ideas (crediting Dy of course - how could I not!) for scrapbook layouts. I love Dys style, honesty, enthusiasm, shop (OMG how I love the shop!) but most of all I love how she has given me so much knowledge, confidence and taught me different techniques that span all areas of my crafting. This tag was made at her recent Mad Hatters tea party using her downloads and the stampotique stamps that are currently so trendy.

You can visit Dys shop here

and her blog here

Be warned - she is unique!

Thanks Dy - I think you are AMAZING!
But you already know that cos Ive told you often enough!

Dont forget our tag swap - Its not too late to join in and catch up as we wont swap till the end of the month! See Tag You're it here

Friday, 11 June 2010

Rockin my world Friday!

Wow how did that happen? Friday again so soon! Im so Glad Virginia is feeling much better click on the photo to find out her RYWF post.

So on to mine:-
Well for a change I have to put work at the top! Back to work on Monday and although it has been full on it has lifted my spirits! I work with Children with disabilities and their daily antics always give reason to smile - even when they are being challenging sometimes!

Next would have to be my family - so cool to have my sons back home although the house is like a bomb site (some would say no change there then!)

Friends - always high on my list, there has been one or two things happen this week that have made my heart swell with gratitude for the kindness of friends - and not necessarily those so close to me either and speaking of friends no 4 is

Seeing my Pal Georgina tomorrow! We are going to visit Graphicus again for their open day and I always love seeing Georgina - think kind, funny, loving, generous, cheeky and thoughtful - She is gorgeous inside and out xxxx

And finally - Today I get to play - Its the stampin club at The Stamp Man today and Im hoping to produce something inky and stampy something that has not happened for over a week - whisper I hope the MOJO has returned :0)

Now Im hopping back to Virginias blog at The Celtic house to link my post - Hope to see you there too when I return from playing later today x Janet

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Atc swap

I still love the thrill of receiving atcs through the post - there is something very exciting about owning another persons art work. I made this atc for a swap on a forum I belong to called Running with Scissors. I really enjoyed the theme which was words. I made the background using wild honey distress ink then over stamped with a paperartsy cog stamp in rusty hinge. I have then used archival coffee for the paperartsy eye and archival jet black for the words. I then had a thought - would water "bleach" out the white of the eye? and of course it did! Thats the great thing about distress inks they are sooo versatile. Then layered up onto a black mount and its finished. Cant wait for my swaps to arrive!
Watch this space - an exciting atc swap is to be revived and I cant wait to share that with you!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday Taggers "All that blooms"

I just love flower stamps! They are sooo useful! Do you think Ive gone a little mad with them?
So why an N?
Back in March Jill from The Stampman challenged me to decorate a letter from the shop name - her vision being The Stampman would be in large letters across a shelf in the shop - each one decorated by a customer - What a neat idea!
So I ummed and arghhed a little then painted the N with Ranger paint dabbers - bought of course from The Stampman!
At the last open day my crafty chum took her letter A in (check her work out here) which only stalled my creativity - Man she is tooo good!
Then last week whilst wondering what to do for this weeks project inspiration struck (if you have read previous posts you will know that was rare last week!)

So here is my letter N complete with hand drawn vines and funky flowers from aspects of design - The Stampmans own brand of stamps.

Have you ever visited The Stampman? If not and you manage a trip to Skipton then do you wont be disappointed - especially with the new sale room/ workshop area - Fab!

The opening days are the same as the Market on the high street so make a combined trip really worthwhile. You never know Michelle and I may be there too messing about with stamps which is our favourite pastime LOL
Hop on over to Tuesday Taggers my teamies have got some fabulous projects on show and I would love to see your "all that blooms" projects too x

As luck would have it this also fits The Sunday stampers challenge so Id like to enter it here too. Have a great day.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tag You're it! June Tag swap

So you may have read about my lost Mojo in the previous post luckily this happened just before it went missing! Our first tag swap theme is needle and thread so I chose an easy option. This cute stamp I won from one of the Sunday Stampers challenges and she seemed perfect to paper piece. The papers are by basic grey and the rest of her is coloured with promarkers. Sentiment by Stampin up and the ribbon from stash.

Dont forget we are holding a Tag swap month so join us every week through June - email me for my address and then send all 4 tags to me. I will swap them and send them back.

Points to remember
Your tag must be able to fit into an A5 envelope. You must send me a SAE envelope A5 with a larger letter stamp so I can send you your 4 tags. the design team are really excited about this too!

Spread the word by adding the tag swap picture to your sidebar - dont forget the more people join in the better the swap will be!

The winner from last weeks candy for spreading the word is Sally

Drop me an email and I will post off your Crafty Individuals stamp plate!

Happy crafting.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lost MoJo

On Tuesday I had a nasty vertigo attack which has left me sapped of energy - 3 whole days stretched out in front of me where I could craft away and zilch - not a flicker of creativity!
My lovely Pal Emma came on Thursday to do a Stampin up party at my craft group - this was the project a sweet little easel box card. I finished mine off last night as I could not think straight at all at the session.

The papers, cards, stamps and inks are all stampin up with the new colours which I really like.

Am hoping my Mojo returns for tomorrow as I have a card order to complete for 3 cards by Monday and I am back at work then too! This Menieres thing is not funny. The attacks are one thing but on Monday when we went to Barnard Castle I also had a panic as with the main street being cut off by the parade I didnt know where I was - I was bit snappy and only realised why when I overheard my Mum explaining to my daughter it was because of the menieres and deafness that was making me panic as well as not knowing where I was. Ive thought a lot about that this week and she is right.
We rely on our senses so much - I am fine when I know everything is where it should be but that confusion of not knowing where I was in relation to where I wanted to go really upset my normally go with the flow personality. All this is not what I expected from the disease - the symptoms of vertigo and the not being able to drive, the deafness and associated problems I expected but the dent to my confidence and how I behave is just as frightening- I think thats why my mojo has gone walkabout. I use crafting not just for the pleasure of creating but to crowd out negativity - I lose myself in it so there is no room for worry however in order to adjust to the whole thing I think my mind does smother the Mojo ocasionally to force me to adjust and not run away from reality. Does that make sense?
So I am hoping now I have adjusted to this way of thinking my Mojo will return too so I can pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again.
Hope your week has been more productive!

Friday, 4 June 2010

So here we are at Friday again and time to find out whats rocking my world.
1) Family - fab to have my middle son back home - eldest one back on Sunday after he does his final presentation of his Dissertation later today - Wow a Graduate that sounds so grown up!
2) Friends - I have needed a little love this week and of course my friends are always there to support me even if I talk total gibberish!
3) Craft club - was last night - boy those ladies worked hard through a complicated project. Rita brought me some Rhubarb (wow thanks yum yum). They always make me laugh we were all having hot flushes as the room was so warm. They are a fabulous group.
4) Marie -from the above is feeling well enough to go on holiday. Marie has a serious illness and has been unwell since March and in and out of hospital - wonderful she can go away and relax before the treatment begins again.
5) Michelle and I have been making plans - see the workshop schedule at the top - Did I mention already she has been published in Craft Stamper? Oh I did? Oh well Ive said it again - Proud of you Shelly Anne :0)
So Virginia is longing to see whats rockin your world - Click on the new button she has made to be whisked over to the Celtic House and see whats Rockin hers - check out the cheeky squirrel!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Yesterdays day out

Yesterday we went to Barnard Castle - the main reason was so Mum and I could visit Graphicus however alas it was shut! So after a wander on the high street and watching the carnival parade we went here

Egglestone Abbey - wow it was gorgeous - a peaceful and beautiful day. Meghan took these pics with her mobile phone!

Close to the Abbey was the most gorgeous tea room where we sat outside and were spoiled with afternoon tea served in wonderful style by the most friendly of people! (sharp contrast to the cafe in Barnard Castle where we were served by the most unhappy waitresses on the planet. The lady from the kitchen was the most happy and even she didnt smile - just did not frown either!) . It was lovely - shame about Graphicus though......

Just to remind you about the TYI June swap - if you add the logo to your blog and leave a comment here
I am doing a prize draw on Saturday for a craft individuals stamp plate. You've gotta be in it to win it LOL x

Tuesday Taggers touchy feely!

Yes we are feeling all touchy feely over at Tuesday Taggers this week for 2 reasons. The first is our Teamie Zoe has challenged us to use texture in our projects. As luck would have it, as I was wondering what to do, some atc elements popped through the letterbox in the form of Bobs ATC challenge. This is my first and also my last challenge as Bobs has decided she has to stop hosting it. Basically there are around 20 folks in the challenge (which has run for I think 3 years) Bobs sends bits and bobs to them - all the same elements and then receives 20 atcs back all different! Ive seen some of her folders and the idea is seriously cool with such variety with the same bits its amazing.

So I received the stamped image, the piece of textured fabric, a chipboard key and a small skeleton leaf. You cant see the leaf but its there behind the key.
I have used promarkers to colour the image, stamped on the fabric and coloured the key then added crackle glaze. In record time Ive turned round the swap and this is winging its way back to Liverpool as I type - hope she likes it!
The second reason we are feeling the touchy feely love is our fabulous team mate has been published in craft stamper. We have known about her serious talent for a long time and she has been spotted on her blog by lots of you out there but hey our Pal is now in print! Well done you, we are sooo proud of you Michelle - just hope your copy has arrived this morning before you explode with anticipation LOL. If you dont subscribe to Craft Stamper do give it serious thought its one brilliant magazine and gusess what Michelles project has touchy feely on it too in the form of metal and embossing - go and get your copy on Friday and check her out!
Do stop by Tuesday Taggers too for some serious touchy feely inspiration the girls over there are awesome!