Thursday, 17 June 2010


I was so disappointed when the papermania atc albums hit the shelves - they seemed so bland and un appealing - still when they hit the sales I bought 3.
I wanted to transform one - Ive used Tim Holtz 8x8 papers that my lovely pal Georgina gave me ages ago - they were perfect for the job being almost the right size leaving little waste.

I covered inside the cover too - used my cropodile to make 2 holes and added ribbon. NOW its fit to house a small part of my atc collection (over 1000 and growing!).
Thanks GG the papers look ace and finished if off nicely!
Hope you are having a good day in the sunshine. Tuesday saw me have a vertigo attack in the middle of the night - whats that all about then? I woke feeling soooo sick and thought I must have food poisoning (I ate a prawn salad on tuesday that was out of date by 1 day - well I didnt tell the prawns did you??). Still when I sat up to go to the loo everything was spinning (so the prawns didnt know after all lol). 2 hours later it was all over so I wonder what the trigger was for that??? The post arrived today with a hospital appointment for my hearning aids to be fitted Hurrah so hopefully I will be a hearing person again. I have noticed the last week the tinnitus has spread to both ears and is no longer the whooshing I have had before but a ringing - at least its in unison! No wonder I spent the weekend with nasty headaches though! Still positive mental attitude says Hurrah for the hearing aids and hope all becomes a little better in that department!
Happy Thursday x Janet


  1. Love what you've done with them! Can't wait to take part in the new swaps x

  2. Wow! these ATC holders look amazing now that you have altered them. Great!
    Sandra x

  3. Gorgeous make over they may have been bland but not now LOL xx Zoe

  4. They're brill Janet! Gorgeous papers too.
    Good luck for the hospital appt. re hearing aids - hearing again may come as a shock at first Janet (everything seems so loud) but do persevere with them. If I can help do please email me (I've had two hearing aids for 10 years now).
    Sue xx

  5. Hi Janet, I altered one of these as well, its great fun isn't it. So pleased you are getting sorted out with the hearing, it must be awful going through all that. Take care, Annette x

  6. Totally fab ATC holder!!

    Dont watch the football when you have the hearing aids in!! Apparently the sound of them stupid horns is unbearable for hearing aid users!! Fingers crossed your appointment goes well


  7. You've certainly brightened up the holder, good job.
    Sorry to hear you haven't been too well but hopefully your hearing aids will be of some help to you.
    Chin up.
    Pat xx

  8. o.m.g. my friend this is wonderful,you are so good at this,glad the papers came in handy and chuffed you've got your appt. only thing is i will get plenty of swipes when i take the mickey out of you again, oh well let the fun begin lol, luv and hugs georginaxx

  9. Hi Janet

    I have done exactly this myself. Those papermania ATC folders are just crying out to be decorated. You've done a beautiful job and that paper is just wonderful!
    I've also managed to create a fastening on mine which is really handy.
    I'll be popping mine on my blog in the next few days, so please take a peek if you'd like to see how I've transformed mine.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your hospital appointment too :)

    Suzie xxxx :)

  10. they look super, what a transformation.
    Hope all goes well at the hospital. xx

  11. This is gorgeous, I hadn't seen the originals before but so much prefer what you've done to them! Absolutely gorgeous!

  12. What a transformation Janet - a great idea now where is my ATC folder..........
    x Michelle


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