Friday, 25 June 2010

Rockin my world Friday!

Here we are at Friday again where has that week gone??? Thanks Virginia for this fab reflective focus for the end of the week! So as a fellow Rockette here we go!
My list of happy thoughts from this week!
1) Tom has got a degree! Yes I have a graduate for a son - how wonderful is that??? He got a 2:1 degree in psychology. So proud of him as at times the road has been a little bumpy but he has done us all proud! (now just got to find an outfit for the graduations ceremony in 3 weeks - Yikes!)
2)My family - yesterday saw yet another vertigo attack and as usual they were all fantastic!
3) Friends - As I struggle to go places these days, with no driving license due to the menieres, I am dependant on others to take me places. I have gone on public transport however last time I went on the train I had a vertigo attack on the way back, stumbled off the train and then struggled to get from one platform to the exit in an upright position. No one came to my aid but then I couldnt blame them either as I looked like I was drunk swaying everywhere. As you can imagine this has put me off so I try to go places with others who know me, and what the vertigo attacks do to me, as this makes me feel safer. Anyway focus on the positive girl - My friend Elaine took me to Kanban this week - ages since we have been there and ages since we have been out together it was lovely xx
3) Bacon butty vans - Now I know this may seem like an odd one however my crafty chums and I like to live a decadent life and dine out when we go craft shopping. Truely we know a bacon butty van on route to every craft shop we go to. I mean why spend out on a fancy lunch when you want new stash???? Well the bacon butty van by Kanban is the best one of all. The girls who run it are soooo friendly and the food is always perfect they have actually been awarded 5 stars. So they are on my list of happys for the week lol!
4) Blogland - this part of cyberspace has to be one of the nicest places to come to. Lots of fun challenges, lovely folk leaving comments and inspiration galore. A window into another crafters space which is always open how fantastic is that???
5) and talking of blogland 3 lovely folk have joined in this week the first being my pal Elaine aka Camping Crafter - do stop by and take a look she is a fabulous crafter with more than 20 years experience so most techniques she has seen come and go a few times lol. The second is someone from cyberland - a brilliant crafter who frequents the docraft forum and of whom I proudly own some of her gorgeous atcs and the most stunning card (which she gave me in March and is still up on the dresser as its so gorgeous!) So do take a look at Cazros crafty corner. The third is not exactly new to blogging but has just been revived and is from the huggiest person in the whole world Bobs.
In fact I am going to add Bobs as an extra thankful post
So No 6 is Bobs
who send the loveliest hugs every single week without fail via text - she telepathically seems to know the exact day they are needed and is herself an awesome crafter - Big hugs to you ((((((hug)))))) Bobs xx
So go and check out my fellow Rockettes over at The Celtic house!

I have been crafting this week honest just things I cannot share just yet. I am so excited for the launch of the Stampmans atc swap next week so have been busy doing those atcs and also for other swaps coming up. So I will leave you with a photo from a couple of weeks ago. A trip to Graphicus and meet up with the loveliest of people

From the left - Me, Cazro, Joanne, Georgina, Elaine and Michelle. Meeting Cazro at the shop was a complete but fabulous surprise. If you ever get chance to visit Graphicus you wont be disappointed, brilliant products, an awesome sale section and a place for a cuppa with donations to charity perfect!


  1. Brilliant news about your son, a very proud mum.... You are definitely going to have to get yourself a t shirt printed with 'Danger on Two Legs'........ Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. you sound like you have had a fab week xx
    Thanks for the heads up on Cazro's Blog, another talented lady to keep an eye on

  3. Congratulations to your son on his degree Janet and poor you suffering with vertigo, it can't be very nice, but it's good to know you have a lovely family and friends around you.

    Carol xx

  4. Well done and congrats for your son. Hope your vertigo has taken a long holiday. It was wonderful, our unexpected meeting in Graphicus. Thanks for your kind comments.

  5. Congrats to your son Janet on his degree.
    Lovely list of positives (sparkles to keep your vertigo at bay).
    I'm hoping to visit Graphicus over the summer.
    Sue xx

  6. What a lot of news and rocking good stuff this week Janet, congratulations re your sons degree, fab news for you! Hopefully the good stuff has outweighed the bad this week. Wishing you only good stuff for next week:)

    Jill x

  7. Sorry to hear about the vertigo attack, hope you are feeling better now. Love the photo was wondering when you would put it on line. Looking forward to seeing all those ATCs, I know they will be fab.

    Elaine x

  8. What a brilliant list of thankfulness. Congratulations to your son. I'm completely with you on the bacon butties. Ooh you've got my tummy rumbling now!

  9. Congrats to your Son, Janet. What a proud Mum you must be.
    Your crafty trips sound perfect to me with the bacon butties. I'm with you on that one. Best one I know is the bridge just before Kirby Lonsdale. I've had bacon butties there for nearly 40 years and they're still the best and fantastic mugs of tea too!!
    Your Graphicus trip looks fab. I must get there one day!!
    Hope you're feeling good this weekend!! Hurray for fantastic friends!! Where would we be without them and you sound like you have the best.
    Hugs Lisax


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