Friday, 4 June 2010

So here we are at Friday again and time to find out whats rocking my world.
1) Family - fab to have my middle son back home - eldest one back on Sunday after he does his final presentation of his Dissertation later today - Wow a Graduate that sounds so grown up!
2) Friends - I have needed a little love this week and of course my friends are always there to support me even if I talk total gibberish!
3) Craft club - was last night - boy those ladies worked hard through a complicated project. Rita brought me some Rhubarb (wow thanks yum yum). They always make me laugh we were all having hot flushes as the room was so warm. They are a fabulous group.
4) Marie -from the above is feeling well enough to go on holiday. Marie has a serious illness and has been unwell since March and in and out of hospital - wonderful she can go away and relax before the treatment begins again.
5) Michelle and I have been making plans - see the workshop schedule at the top - Did I mention already she has been published in Craft Stamper? Oh I did? Oh well Ive said it again - Proud of you Shelly Anne :0)
So Virginia is longing to see whats rockin your world - Click on the new button she has made to be whisked over to the Celtic House and see whats Rockin hers - check out the cheeky squirrel!


  1. Ah Janet - you managed to pick it up - now I'm amazed LMAO! Sometimes I get to grip with this technology stuff and sometimes - well sometimes i don't. I'm loving you list - primarily people focused and when we need that positive lift having friends and family there is simply awesome! I'm glad your friend is managed a break away - sending positive hugs to her. Can;t wait to get my hands on that craft stamper - I need to go shopping for food but I'm thinking a jaunt out to my local scrapbook shop would be much more productive because it'll make me feel happy, I get a good read of a great magazine and I get to see Michelle's work in print! How cool is that!

    Sending you positive and happy thoughts today



  2. Hello Janet, lovely WRYWF list - friends and family are a must aren't they? Glad you've received the love you've needed. And sometimes the kindness of strangers can take your breath away, can't it? Glad your friend can make her getaway - how positive must that be?! Hope you have a great week and I'll see you next Friday. Penny x

  3. Great things for you this week Janet. Enjoy having your boys home.
    Sue xx

  4. We all need a bit of extra love sometimes (when we all talk a load of gibberish!), and I'm glad it's been there for you. Such lovely news that your friend is off on her hols, and how lovely that this news should be one of your reasons to be happy. Lovely WRMWTF's, xxx

  5. Hi Janet hope your week is improving with the love of your friends and family.


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