Friday, 11 June 2010

Rockin my world Friday!

Wow how did that happen? Friday again so soon! Im so Glad Virginia is feeling much better click on the photo to find out her RYWF post.

So on to mine:-
Well for a change I have to put work at the top! Back to work on Monday and although it has been full on it has lifted my spirits! I work with Children with disabilities and their daily antics always give reason to smile - even when they are being challenging sometimes!

Next would have to be my family - so cool to have my sons back home although the house is like a bomb site (some would say no change there then!)

Friends - always high on my list, there has been one or two things happen this week that have made my heart swell with gratitude for the kindness of friends - and not necessarily those so close to me either and speaking of friends no 4 is

Seeing my Pal Georgina tomorrow! We are going to visit Graphicus again for their open day and I always love seeing Georgina - think kind, funny, loving, generous, cheeky and thoughtful - She is gorgeous inside and out xxxx

And finally - Today I get to play - Its the stampin club at The Stamp Man today and Im hoping to produce something inky and stampy something that has not happened for over a week - whisper I hope the MOJO has returned :0)

Now Im hopping back to Virginias blog at The Celtic house to link my post - Hope to see you there too when I return from playing later today x Janet


  1. Ah Janet - the reason that you are first on the list is that there are so few of us take this gratitude journey on a Friday - but even if it's just me and you playing I still love to do it - actually Jo and Penny got there before me this morning so hopefully they think to come and do a link on their so you get to see their gratefuls. I love your list this week - people, friends family etc - awesome stuff and house looking like a bombs hit it - someone summed up to me this week that when we tidy we are simply moving things around the universe - it didn't seem that important after that I've got better things to do LOL! Hope you have a tagerlicious inktastic afternoon!

  2. A lovely list Janet.
    My DS is still at Uni so our house is "reasonably" tidy still. Enjoy having your boys home.
    And do have fun at your class and Graphicus.
    Sue xx

  3. You've been a busy bee this week Janet. I have to say you sell The Stampman very well, who could resist Skipton on market day and a visit to a great crafty emporium!! Hope you had a good time!!
    I love your "N", I shall have to pop in to admire them all, and that ATC is fantastic, what brilliant stamps.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Janet - yours is a lovely list of thankfulness. I hope you enjoy your weekend - a Graphicus Open Day sounds divine. I'm sure the ol' mojo will show up again. Have fun. Penny

  5. Brilliant list, lots to be thankful for there. Graphicus sounds fun :D

  6. What a great list of gratefulss! Enjoy your day with your friend, sounds fun, x

  7. Hope your mojo made an appearance. Hope you all had fun at your stamping club today. It was lovely to see you both yesterday and no I still haven't made those darn christening cards!!! Enoy you trip out. Love & hugs xx


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