Friday, 18 June 2010

So here we are at Friday again and the lovely Virginia at The Celtic House invites us to list positives from our week!
Top of my list must be Airedale General Hospital for sending my hearing aids appointment at last - I'm banking on them helping me so much so glad its finally happening!
Next must be my family
Ive had a few vertigo attacks this week which are frightening and terribly disabling. My Hubby and my kids are brilliant at looking after me - dropping into carer mode immediately I need them and then when I am better going right back to Mum being the all singing and dancing. I cannot explain how much this return to normality means to me - I hate the attacks, the way they make me feel, the psychological effect they have on my ability to cope and the fact that they remind me the worse case scenario could mean me one day being disabled through it but the return to normality helps me feel that I can still be in charge of most of my life most of the time.
Friends - I had to cancel a meet up with an old school friend last Friday because of a horrific headache (caused I think by the spread of tinnitus to both my ears - they ring in unison now). She was lovely about it - so understanding. We were mates at school and slowly drifted apart when we got married so its lovely to get in touch and catch up on the last 22 years.
I also met up with friends last night for a meal at The Bella Napoli in Crosshills - a gorgeous meal and catch up with special folk. We dont eat there often but when we do we are treated like royalty and last night was no exception with Gino bringing us complimentary liquers after our coffee. I do hope its not too long before we go back!
and finally my MoJo
I am so glad my Mojo has returned although when it does go missing I always seem to get it back in Christmas mode - I've felt so festive this week and adored my Tim Holtz Christmas stamps and inks its really kick started me again you can see my festive madness here LOL.
So huge thanks Virginia for encouraging a positive start to the weekend - I am working the next 4 weekends - payback time for having so many off I suspect but the next weekend off is for my eldest sons graduation and the Claxby craft retreat so I am sooooo looking forward to that!
Have a great weekend folks x


  1. An inspiring list of positives Janet. I admire how you face your condition with humour and positivity (is that a word?!).
    Sue xx

  2. So glad your appointment has come through for your hearing aids, hope they help. The vertigo attacks sound horrendous and must be so frightening. I think of you and the rest of the 'original scrapping posse' everyday while I'm sitting in my craft room hoping for mojo to strike! Take care and lots of love and hugs to you. xx

  3. Well done Janet for thinking of so many great aspects of your week when you're having to cope with so many difficulties. You must be so proud of your son graduating, and I'm sooooo jealous of your crafting retreat! I know you're working this weekend, but enjoy it anyway (keep next weekend as your inspiration). Jo xxx

  4. Janet, well done for a nice varied list this week. I seem to still managed to have been an old moan!!!

    Your son's graduatuion - how lovely - endless scrapping opportunities there - at least an albumful (is that a real word?). Loved your Christmas cards - left comment on your Christmas blog.


  5. Oh Janet your Rocking Your World is fantastic as always! I'm so sorry that the vertigo attacks have caused such problems recently - but how fabulous is your family! Caring when they need to and shifting back into normality mode when you're OK - it's fantastic when families are like this!

    I loved your Christmas Card this week - I've been thinking about presents LOL so you really cheered me on (are we the only ones thinking about the seasons this early!)

    Hope you have a good weekend



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