Monday, 28 June 2010

The Law of Sod!

Do not read if you are a Doctors receptionist - this will surely offend!

2 weeks ago I got the letter from the hospital about my hearing aids. As you know I was so excited and am pinning lots on these little gems not just about regaining hearing. Well at the bottom of the letter it said to get my ears checked at the docs so I dutifully rang and explained what I wanted.
" The nurse checks ears and she cannot see you until the 30th" Said the helpful (?) receptionist. "But my appointment is on the 28th" I say. "Well there is no appointments with the nurse until the 30th" is the reply. "so what do I do? "I ask. "Cancel the appointment and make another" I am told. "But I have waited 10 weeks for this appointment !" I say. "Well the nurse cannot see you until the 30th" "Right can I make an appointment to see the doctor I say" "No the doctor does not check ears"????
So armed with this totally stupid conversation I contact the hospital. "Dont worry come anyway" I am told - phew thinks I.
So there I am all eager and 45 minutes early. Gets in and - "Im sorry your ears are blocked. We cant fit them today"!
At this point I dont know whether to laugh or cry (only had 3 and half hours sleep last night so feeling fragile anyhow). So the lovely chap checks the appointments. - I can have one for 8-15am on Wednesday can I get them syringed before then?
I laugh nervously then hysterically before recounting my receptionist encounter. Poor fella must have thought I was totally mad. So rang the docs to be told there are appointments for tomorrow but I cannot have one unless I ring at 8am.........
Oh my goodness no wonder the NHS is costing so much money.
I will keep you posted - am now off to lie in a darkened room and think of revenge tactics on doctors receptionists!


  1. Its the same at our GPs - the mind boggles really. I dread to think what "attributes" qualify anyone for a job as a GPs Receptionist!!!

    Hope it all gets sorted soon


  2. Ours is the same too. Absolute nightmare.
    Hope you get it sorted soon
    Suzanne x

  3. Honey havn't you had a bad day, that's were the joined up heath service does not work. Really sorry hope it resolved soon Bee xx

  4. Oh Janet - this is dreadful but, unfortunately, typical of the NHS.
    Hope things improve for you.
    Sue xx

  5. Janet, I feel for you, hope you get it sorted soon. There are to many "Jobs worth" in The NHS
    hugs xx

  6. All I can say, Janet is that this sounds all too familiar. I've just read your story out to DH and he smiled knowingly. Why oh why do we have to battle Drs receptionist to get the simpliest thing done these days. I have had so many arguments with them over things I dread ringing them up.
    I know how much this appointment means to you and can only send you a big hug and hope that they manage to get their act together for you. Shout and ask to speak to the practice manager, you'll be amazed how many appointments they suddenely have available when you kick up a fuss!!
    Hope you get sorted very soon.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. go get 'em Janet,what alot of b------- never mind love ,you'll get there,just scream and scream and scream, that better????? told you, luv Georginaxxxx

  8. If you get no joy ask to speak to the practice manager. That will really put the wind up them. I wrote a long letter of complaint about our receptionists, then copied it to the doctor and the Asthma Clinic. I think there must be a label on our notes that say be nice to this one now, cos they haven't messed with me again!

  9. AllI can say is if she wants to take any blood don't let her! I had to got to the doctors for a blood test last month and "The Nurse" practically butchered my arm trying to take it. I had to go back 2 weeks ago for a smear test and was dreading getting the same "Nurse" but no there she was manning the phones on reception!!!.
    Now did I get a nurse (the 1st time) now demoted to receptionist or a receptionist pretending to be a nurse? The mind boggles.

  10. I see I am not alone in the receptionist war - they are like Atilla the Hun sometimes! Thinking about you Janet - keep smiling! x x

  11. Ooooh love. Been thinking about you all day, hoping that things went ok ha ha. Give us a bell if you want someone to scream at.
    x Michelle

  12. So sorry to read of your disappointment today. I have recently had problems with receptionists, I do hope you can get an appointment for this is one frustration too many. Sending hugs.

  13. Oh Janet hopefully you have made the call and now have an appointment (((Hugs))) Its a tale so often heard and so wrong we cannot opt out of the NHS have to pay and are then treated so very badly. Have you considered changing GP? I did and the difference and support at the new practice is fabulous, so you might find when you have got through this round of treatment that is something to consider. xx Zoe (((Hugs)))


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