Thursday, 24 July 2014

Catching up with my failings................

 Before they catch up with me !
The lovely Margaret has been following my blog for a long time - we have met a few times and she is a complete sweetheart.
I missed replying to an email some while ago so whilst I was at the retreat I made a few catching up sort of cards. I know some amazing people and sometimes life gets in the way of me letting them know how special they are - so for Margaret I went to one of my fav stamp design collections and made her a Molly Bloom card.

I even managed to pen a short letter inside which I am hoping she has now received xx

I loved making it for someone so lovely xx

Big hugs to Margaret and all you special folks out there xx
Love J x


  1. That's so thoughtful Janet, it's not easy when we get busy lives to take the time out to let people know that we are thinking of them so well done to you...and such a beautiful card too!
    Dawn x

  2. What a beautiful card and such a special reason to send it. There is nothing lovelier than receiving a 'just to say Hi' type note.

    Toni xx


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