Friday, 22 October 2010

Fridays offerings

First of all its challenge 8 yes can you believe it 8??? at The Stamp Man challenge blog and this time we want to see something for the chaps in your life. Lets face it sometimes they can be really tricky however The Stamp Man has some fabulous stamps to help out with the dilema!
These are from the aspects of design nautical sheet. Teamed with some distress inks and patterned paper its just short of the sentiment which I decided to leave off until I know what I am doing with the card. My team mates have all come up with some fab "chappie" sort of cards so do stop by for a look here

As its Friday its also time for my Rockette post

I really need to dig deep for gratefuls this week so in no particular order the 5 in my head are:-
1) Grateful no 1 son is coming home today - he's been at a pals for a week and I miss his lovely hugs x
2) Glad my pals Emma and Andy came up for a short stay - always lovely to see them and for Emma sharing her fabulous ideas.
3)No 2 son finally seems to be getting over his girlfriend finishing with him in April. Its been a long haul for him and part of me is proud he is such a loving and loyal chap but it was awful watching his heartbreak and not being able to do anything to help - no sticking plaster can heal that first- love- ended -wound. So I am thankful I can hear laughter in his voice once more.
4)Glad I have got this evening off - I need an early night!
5)so happy to have a loving family and wonderful friends.

I hope you have time to stop by The Celtic House to check out the other Rockettes I do hope i see you sharing there too - its great to set the weekend up on such a positive vibe :0)


  1. oh love the nautical theme to this lovely creations, just perfect for the male's in your life
    Kate xx

  2. Ohhh this is gorgeous!
    So wonderful colors and details!!
    Hugs from Maya

  3. Hello fellow rocker! Good to hear your DS2 is recovering from his first love - I still remember mine, it's so hard isn't it? Well done for other gratefuls too - sometimes it isn't easy but it's a great exercise to make yourself think about it and then you realise they were there all along.

    Hope you got your early night in as planned,


  4. Ahhh the pain of young love's first sting, must be so hard to watch as a Mum.

    Gorgeous card though, men are horrible to try and create for ... how to make something while desperately trying not to pretty it up too much!! I always try and sneak in some ribbon and glitter somehow though lol ;)

  5. Great list and good to read your son is on the mend. Although it's taken him a while to recover - isn't it lovely to know he isn'yt a love' em and leave 'em ratbag eh? (Did that make sense? I know what I mean...)

  6. lovely card Janet love the colours you have used - sending love and a ((HUG)) to recovering son. and lol to you all lv Liz

  7. Janet, the KIS example of the card with a bow is just fantastic. So gorgeous.

  8. Hi Janet

    Sorry I'm a week late - but just wanted to pop by and say thank you for joining in - I love your people list - simply beautiful! Hope you've had a good week!


  9. LOvely card Janet, very elegant. I never seem to achieve elegant, although I aspire to it!!!!


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