Friday, 12 November 2010

Rocking my world Friday!

Such a slacker! Ive missed a few weeks of my gratefuls but I have been busy truely I have :0)

So my list of gratefuls for this week
1) As always my gorgeous family for putting up with my whims and obsessions - Crafting has been top of the list this week and they have not minded one bit xx
2) no 1 son has a temporary job - Hurrah! He is a different person - going to bed at 9-30 getting up at 6am - and eating normally. I am praying something permenant happens soon because he NEEDS to work to keep his soul alive - and that awful scary depression at bay. This makes my heart feel sooo warm and content seeing him be so happy.
3) No 2 son is continuing to be a happy chappy and finding a life beyond his first true love - He has performed at 2 gigs this week and been to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform (spelling??). A hugely positive week for him which again warms my heart.
4) My lovely daughter worked so hard on her Andy Warhol project presenting the work like an art journal. Her creative expression and fabulous ideas paid off when her teacher told her yesterday she will receive as many credits as is allowed (Meg thinks thats 3) for the project it is so good. More heart warming positivity.
5)This week has seen 5 classes to teach - the preparation and thought which goes into them is many more hours than the actual session it self which is why when we get great feedback (Michelle and I) it makes it all feel worthwhile - Thanks to everyone who has attended our sessions (one to go today) and made them work so well.
So lots there to be grateful for and I have a warm and happy heart :0)
Hop on over and visit Virginia the Queen of the Rockettes - shes been busy creating too!


  1. I love your list Janet and I'm so pleased for your family - when they're happy us Mums are happy!
    Sue xx

  2. Fab list Janet - a happy family is so so so important.


  3. Oh wow what a fantastic list. So glad all your family is doing so well. That Warhol project sounds fascinating.

  4. Only just getting to grips with the Rockettes who joined in Rocking your World this week - your list is truly humbling Janet and so it's so lovely to see how many positives are in your life at the moment - sending you hugs and positive vibes that things continue and fingers crossed that dear son manages a permanent job!


  5. What a lovely list, warms the cockles x


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