Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Watch out its not all moonlight and roses!

Ages since I got an award on my blog but last week the lovely Susie gave me this. Wow thanks so much Susie.
I now have to list 8 things about my self. Hmmm wonder if they need to be stylish too??? that may be a tall order LOL
1) I am half of Lovin Ink - a little shop which sells knick knacks for stylish crafting. The other half is my pal Michelle. The shop name comes from the fact we love to stamp with any type of ink. We have very different styles but seem to compliment each other when we work together.
2) My wedding anniversary is the 14th February - everyone thinks this is so romantic but sadly it was just the date the venue had that month LOL. This year we celebrate 25 years of marriage - Not quite sure how that happened LOL.
3) Before becoming obsessed with crafting I was a workaholic holding down 2 jobs and childminding my nephew 2/3 days a week as well as bringing up my own children- phew i'm exhausted thinking about that one!
4) This one is a toughy but makes me who I am - when I was a child I was a victim of abuse from a great uncle (not at all great as it turned out).Its not something I shout from the rooftops but having therapy when I turned 40 and learning to forgive myself, accepting it happened and learning more about myself through it has made me a stronger and more adaptable person. The process of recovery was tough but so worth while. Anyone out there who has carried this sort of load around I encourage you to seek the counselling. I really am happier in my 40's than I have ever been and I didnt think it had affected me much!
5) I am a closet twilight fan! What is it about werewolves and vampires that have gripped me ? Think its just the whole romance thing really I wouldnt be drooling over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner now would I?
6) I live in an extraordinary house! The house is 2 terraced houses which are joined together inside by the means of interconnecting doors upstairs and down. My Mum and sister live in one half and we live in the other. Its an odd arrangement and not without its challenges but it works for us - even if I won the lottery I would not move - I love the house with its cold drafts, horrid crackle glaze woodwork, gorgeous fireplace, tiny bathroom - I honestly would want to live anywhere else ever!
7) I am a fraud! Folk think I am really good on the computer - this could not be further than the truth Lol - I fumble my way around blogland gleaning little tips and writing them down hoping to get better. Its the same at work - I must come across as confident or something because I really dont know that much at all - I think I am just a good adapter!
8) I love social crafting. Back in 2007 I went on a craft retreat. Little did I know that some of the people I met there, and the next one and then the next would become some of the dearest friends anyone can have. We meet up 3/4 times a year and feel so comfortable together. This is a real gift I treasure. Lovin ink craft retreats were born from that group of people and now I find we have even more special folk joining our retreats. I am very very lucky!

Now the second part of the award is to pass this on to 4 people. Now given my last fact -I think so many people are stylish crafters I am going to leave this open. Please feel free to take the award for your blog - let me know if you have so I can come and visit and learn a bit more about you too!


  1. The award is well deserved Janet.xx
    I found your list incredibly moving - you are such a brave person.
    Thank you for your friendship (one day I might even get to a retreat!) and your inspiration.
    Sue xx

  2. Congratulations on the award, you have an amazing inspirational blog.

  3. Ah Janet a little bit of you in there with such sincerity and honesty - thank you for sharing hun - you certainly deserve this blog award!

  4. Thanks for the comments girls x Susie - Im not brave at all - what happened was forced upon me so I had to deal with it. Thanks for thinking it any way though xx LOL x


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