Friday, 1 June 2012

Rocking my world Friday

Well vertigo rocked my world on Wednesday night when I was reminded that I can just as easily be swept off my feet by it at any given time arrgghhhh though thats not a grateful is it???

So Gratefuls
Son No 2 worked so hard on his dissertation and has been handsomely rewarded with an A+ and amazing comments from the markers - this has quite literally "made" our week!

The blue skies were here at the beginning of the week and I suppose the gardens do need a little water now but I do hope to see more blue over the weekend.

I'm on the countdown to a craft retreat - I've missed my Claxby buddies so much - cant wait to hug them all and craft away.

Love the Town Centre of Skipton - I'm so proud of the way all the shops are well into the Jubilee spirit and have trimmed up their windows in honour of Her Majesty the Queen.  I'm working all weekend although on Tuesday we are having our very own Jubilee party so I'm busy with bunting, cupcakes and flags.

 This is what I have been playing with today
 Right up my street!
I am a Royalist and proud of it - I'm also proud to be British and have loved all the Union Jack stuff around. Ive just indulged from Stamposaurus as if I needed more stamps !!


As usual I am happy to be here, in relative good health with a loving and supportive family, wonderful friends and a hobby that allows me to meet so many wonderful folks.

Do stop by The Queen of the Rockettes here
Where the little things that make life good are celebrated every week - better still join in and see how a little positivity can brighten a very dull day :0)
See you soon x Janet


  1. Oh the list is lovely apart from the vertigo and I soooooooooooo know how absolutely awful that is - hope it disappears and leaves you well and truly alone!

    Your son managing an A+ is fantastic!

    Loving the Union Jack items - I too am quite liking the fact that people are doing the 'proud to be British' it would be nice if that sentiment could continue way after the weekend!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  2. loving the creation Janet but loving the fact that son no 2 has done himself and you so proud well done him!!!!!! soooo looking forward to next week, luv Georginaxxx

  3. Hi Janet. Have a great bank holiday - even though you are working most of it. Cheers Anne

  4. Loving the list..apart from the vertigo..:(
    Have a fabulous party on Tuesday..that's when we're having our street party so I'm hoping for good weather too!
    Well done to DS 2 on his fantastic achievement...still waiting for result of DS's dissertation..I know how much hard work goes into them.
    Take care of yourself Janet.
    Hugs xx

  5. What an amazing achievement for your son. Am so pleased to read that.

    Enjoy your jubilee celebrations :)

  6. Top Son, hats off to him - you must be so proud :o)

    Lovin' those stamps - I'm a Royalist too and (usually) proud to be British.

    Have a great weekend!


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