Friday, 29 June 2012

Rockin' my world Friday

I'm Proud to be a Rockette!

Yes my world has rocked this week in a total rollercoaster ride rattling from side to side as I go.
I'm going to stick with the best bits as that's what the post is all about so here goes.

1) I told you in the last post but the absolute best news of the week has been my son James getting a first class honours degree in Music Performance.  I am beyond thrilled for him - a huge achievement one one very much deserved.
2) Unexpected leave from work this week allowing me to spend much needed time with hubby and prioritising our life. Big changes since the boys left home so we needed to get some time to sort together.
3) Old friends - one in particular came to the rescue to offer to take our Megsy and friend to the prom in his big American gold car tonight - how kind!
4) I have a new base - a place all of my own - with even space for a fold up bed - will I ever leave the craft room when I'm at home LOL - Huge thanks to OH for helping move furniture around, Michelle for the fab desk and shelves - love them.  Just some tweaking and I will take pics to share.  I have had such fun putting up my bits and pieces folks have made me! Especially the craft room banner made by my crafty friends 4 years ago!!! Its up now and looking great.
5) last weekend was fabulous for meeting up with crafty folks at The Craft Range - I especially loved chatting to folks about my love of distress and the pens in-particular.  Meeting Rosemary Merry was a huge highlight and the unexpected pleasure of chatting with Nigel about all things crafty and musical sons was a bonus. 
6) Yesterday Michelle and I met up with a crafty buddy from Perth the fabulously talented Linda whom I love dearly.  Her gorgeous accent melt my heart and she gives wonderful hugs.
I am happy to have my family, friends and loved ones near
for the beautiful place I live and my home.

Hope your week has been full of happy things.
Do share them with the Queen of the Rockettes at The Celtic House
Thanks for your visit today x


  1. Wow Janet, What an absolutely gorgeous list. It just seemed to gt better and better.

    Gill xxx

  2. I bet you are so proud of that qualification! Well done! Scrappyjen x

  3. What a proud Mum you must be - congrats to yoour son on his fab achievement.

    Toni xx

  4. What a splendid week Janet :D Made me smile all over...specially the bit about a bed in your craft room lol :D XXX

  5. Oh Janet - that's an awesome week - great news about DS and his degree, moving into a craft room (yes you might never come out LOL) great news that you've managed to put up lots of the items people have made you and big shout out for Michelle helping on the furniture front - aren't friends brilliant - may you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead


  6. A blessed week thank you for sharing some of the good things with us. XOXO Zoe

  7. What a fabulous week Janet!
    Congrats to your son on his degree - I know he'll have worked so hard to achieve it!
    Hugs xx

  8. oooh a first class degree is not easy to get, you must be very proud

    and congrats on the new craft room, enjoy! :)

    have a fab week!

  9. sounds like all kinds of wonderful things are happening in your corner of the world! and i know just what you mean about your craft room - i would love to go in mine and not emerge for a week!!!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog. here's to another fabulous week.

  10. Yeay! .. chatting to other crafty folk is always a great thing.. unfortunately Carmen has got herself up the duff *rolls eyes* and she's the only one that visits.. ;p

    A first! Woooo well done James!!!!



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