Friday, 9 August 2013

Not the only one........

In my house who is taken with watercolour. My Mum gave our Megs some watercolour paints to try and add colour to some of her amazing sketches.
This was her first attempt using a picture from the net. Its just a practise picture so wont be sold.

 I know AMAZING isnt it - goodness knows where this talent comes from.
 This picture is a friends dog - she emailed a few photos and Megs chose this one.
Dennis is a schnauzer dog and this is an amazing likeness.  Megs again is practising here - different textures of fur.
This lovely chap belongs to the fabulous Jill and Ian from the Stamp Man - Both who are very supportive of creative young people and who have helped so many folks I know.
Jill emailed a few pics and Megs chose this one to draw then watercolour. The texture of his ears is beautiful.

This is Megs usual chosen animal to draw - this is part of a horses face - again from a picture from the net. Megs is aware of all the copyright issues, regarding pictures, which I am really impressed with. She knows she cannot make money using someone elses photo without permission and to be honest does not want to sell this anyway - she did contact the photo owner and has shared the sketch with her - how impressive is that.  When this was being created I was doubtful it even resembled a horse - now its almost like those veins are pulsing they are so real looking !

Our Megs is hoping to use her skills for drawing and watercolouring to help her friend raise funds for an educational trip to Indonisia - I cannot tell you how thrilled I am she wants to help her friend, who we have known sice they were babies, get to where she wants to be in life.

If you like her work and fancy having your dog or horse sketched, watercolored (optional) and simply framed then keep a look out on my blog - once her buisness page on facebook is up and running she will be taking commission work - half the money from each piece will go to the Indonisian fund.
*Feeling proud*

Thanks for stopping by - please leave some comments about Megs work - she would love feedback x
Take care
J x
Ps Mr Blogger says this is my 901st post - gosh thats a lot of waffle !!


  1. Really super drawing, so talented. Hugs Bee

  2. Megs is so talented. These pictures are all Fantastic. The fur on the dogs looks so real you want to reach out and stroke the dog.
    Good luck Meg with your fund raising, I can see how your family is so proud of you.
    Yvonne x

  3. Wow Janet and Megs, these are amazing, you have a real gift! xx


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