Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mid afternoon project at this weeks Christmas class

This is my fourth year running Christmas classes throughout the year and they are surprisingly popular.
We make 10 cards in a stamp a stack fashion then end the day with something different to cards. This time we are making a cotton reel wreath. 

 I made these before - a couple of years ago but used craft wire - this ended up buckling to more of an egg shape than a wreath so I have been on task to find thicker, stronger wire. That found the task was then to find the right tools to cut and bend it with - thanfully a brief fling with jewellry making and my passion for keeping all tools mean't it was not as hard as I thought.
'Tis a fiddly project for sure but should take no longer than an hour and will be a lovely decoration as a gift or for ones own home.
I love the papers but adore that stripey ribbon!

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend. I have really enjoyed having my family home. I have indulged in Mum tasks and loved every minute.  Its got to last me until November as my youngest son heads off to America in 2 weeks time to begin an awesome adventure as part of a new band onboard a cruise ship. I am excited for him and so proud of all he has achieved.
If pride is a sin I am afraid I sin everyday - my kids make me proud as they are all amazing young people, kind, talented and brave.
Enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow folks and thans for stopping by x

Janet x


  1. What a cute decoration and an idea that can be adapted to any colour scheme.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh Christmas decorations at Easter - fun!

  3. Be proud Janet, its what all mums are good at.
    Love your project, it looks so fresh and will be a perfect gift.
    Yvonne x

  4. A really super decoration, looking forward to making it hugs Bee

  5. Super make Clarky.
    Love that cotton reel wreath, wood make a great House Warming pressy too.
    I have just returned from a local Craft Fair with Angie, it was good.
    Isn't it nice when your kids are lovely. My two are both hard workers who respect others and are lovely little adults (21 and 23).
    Have a great last Easter Day.


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