Thursday, 12 March 2015

Batch makes

Always sad when this sort of card has to be made - I made 4 of these for Andrew and Emmas family.
Yellow is because last time I was with Andrew I took him to Asda and he was looking for daffodils - he said the colours were cheery and he wanted them to give to someone.  I didnt have daffodills but I did have this lovely stampin up set which I borrowed from my Mum. The sentiment is another stamping up set and says just how I feel.
Somehow I just need to sum up what the both of them meant to me to add to each card - thats the really difficult bit as I could go on for ages about that!
Thanks for stopping by again x


  1. biggest hugs, life is truly unfair at times, however, having these precious people with us, sharing their lives and touching our hearts forever is a gift that can be treasured each and every day. Thinking of you at the moment hun - ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  2. Always a hard card to make but this is lovely. Hugs Mrs A.


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