Friday, 24 April 2009

2 little projects

from our stampin up party last wednesday arent they sweet :0) I have been playing around with the measurements for the teabag holder to try and make it into an atc wallet! Think Ive cracked it but dont want to spoil the surprise for those attending the atc meet so will save it till then! The little box is just right for holding atcs of which I need to make a lot over the next few weeks!!!! Made a few last night which I will share tomorrow x
Off to work for 1pm and doing a sleep over then finish at 3pm tomorrow - Its a long one! Still hubby will be picking me up at 3 and we are going to see a newly born Shire horse named Lady Kate. My Godfather breeds Shires for showing at the local, and not so local sometimes, country shows - He has slept in a caravan next to the field for the last 3 and a half weeks waiting for her to arrive so he could be on hand to assist or call for the vet if necessary but all went well on Wednesday night and she is the filly he wanted with 4 white socks :0) Congratulations Auntie Ann and Uncle Rex at your new addition! Hopefully I will have pics to share tomorrow of her :0) Have a good day x


  1. how cute, i love these. oh cant wait till tomorrow.. oo i really love these, i want them,lol/.

    Oh a new pony ..and a shire. such beautiful breads. so ellegant.
    Now dont work to hard, want more pics tomorrow, lol

  2. Wonderful work Janet, the cards are smashin and the boxes n stuff you did with Ann are great. Really upset I missed that one. ANy chance of posting photos of how they're made?
    x Michelle

  3. So pleased you enjoyed my Stampin' Up class Janet.

    They look lovely.

  4. They are absolutely gorgeous, nice to make something useful every now and then! Love the colours and your stamping is perfect :)

    Have a nice weekend
    Mel x

  5. So sweet. I really love these and the colours you have used are brilliant together.

    Love Jules xx


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