Friday, 10 April 2009

Pages 6 and 7

Now then ideally these should be viewed side by side as a double LO. Now we are getting to the pages I do like! I began with the twill ribbon for this LO with the little footprints on as we trekked from High street Kensington right the way through Kensington Gardens to the serpentine in Hyde Park looking for the Peter Pan statue! The journalling travels all the way round the page just like us trudging along - it says "Following the medicine spill on the train (will explain at end) we needed to see a doctor to get another prescription so we went to High Street Kensington to do it. After getting it we went into Kensington Gardens as Mum (me) said the peter pan statue was not far! Poor James his little legs were worn out from the hours in the Natural History Museum already. The not far turned out to be going on 2 miles - we finally found the peter pan statue hidden away at the end of the park. So far it was next to the serpentine in Hyde park. well was it?"

So the Journalling asks the title a question! The medicine story was that James was up all the night before the trip with ear ache so saw the emergency doctor just before we got the train to london. On the train I must not have put the lid on properly after giving him some as when we got to London it filled the plastic bag the bottle was nearly empty whoops!
Love the papers here too they are actually Christmas papers from Sandylion that I bought in the sale. This is def one of my fav LO along with pages 8 and 9 which I will upload tomorrow!

Have not forgotten my blog candy either - will add that on Easter Monday so keep an eye out for it!


  1. hope the little fellas ear ok now and what a last you found peter pan....seems you had a trek to remember....lovely memories youll look back on too with these super pages........lvs sassyxx

  2. Its to be hoped his ear is ok now sassy he is 19 the trip was in 1994! I loved doing this scrapbook as I had written notes about the trip as well so the memories were much clearer with the notes to refer to. Thanks for looking x

  3. I would say it was worth it. The statue, wow , it looks fab ( daft all the times i have been to London, and not got a single pic ) love the footprints, bless all the trecking, poor little mite ( ok not so little anymore) Beautiful LO


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