Friday, 10 April 2009

Pages 2 and 3

Sorry they are so dark think it must have clouded in and blocked the sun from the room LOL not my poor photography skills - oh no!
The boys enjoyed "testing the beds" so that had to be the title. These are the 2 pages Im not so keen on in the book and I think its because i tried doodling in the spaces - if you remember doodling was BIG in scrapbooking last year! The 2nd page is London by tube - the journalling tells the story of James my youngest son who thought there may have been a mole (like on Thunderbirds if any of you remember?) on the front of the train making the tunnels. It was rush hour and the train was full of students going to Uni and everyone fell about laughing at the thought of all these underground tunnels being drilled out daily!


  1. Fab pages, yet another lovely London one.. just love the way you have the tickets in them.

    Beds, how fab is this, love the papers on this one and the layout.

  2. Not seen these ones Janet and the testing the Bed one is brilliant. What lovely memories. The problem with my memory is that I can't chose what I block so have lost many good ones. Another good reason for committing them to page!!
    x Michelle


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