Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Yay a blog from Jill at the Stampman!

This is a fabby shop which Im pleased to say is local to me! Jill and the other ladies that work there produce some fantastic creations. I was lucky enough to see some at Christmas using the Tim Holtz stamps and I was blown away they were sooo fabulous. Any way hop over there and take a look at the bits and bobs and then you can keep up as Jill adds more The Stampmans blog
Have a great day :0) Im having a crafty session and a chat with my fabby Aussie/Pom chum Jo on the damselflies community - isn't technology fantastic? Jo is on the other side of the world yet we can chat through the computer! Must get a webcam and skyp so we can do it on live camera link too!


  1. Hey guess what there are a few us Aussie/Poms over here!!!!
    I'm in Sydney where is Jo? Oh and you know you can drop Skype down from the internet don't you? Its great I talk to my family over there all the time - not sure that I'm so pleased having my face on the screen though LOL!!!!!
    Hope the suns out where you are. Sue

  2. Hi Janet, you've lots of lovely lovely stuff here, I will definitely be back to see more. I am especially impressed with your house, it must have taken a lot of time and dedication to stick with it and get it finished. Large projects like that are so satisfying and great to look back at and admire.

    Thank you for your comments too, much appreciated. Debbie has been nagging me for ages to start one.

    Jill x

  3. Hi Janet-At last ive given Jill so much ear ache about doing a blog,she finally has and looks fab too doesnt it.She's done so much lovely work now everyone can be inspired.Thanks for looking,she'll be really chuffed
    love your blog too

  4. awh thanks for that Janet.I dont have a followers list!dont know why must of deleted it ages ago.but thanks for the comment on your blogxx

  5. Crikey Janet, if we get webcamed up I'd better not be in my PJ's when we chat! Jo x


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