Saturday, 25 July 2009

A craft stamper project

I am a huge fan of the magazine Craft stamper and almost always find projects in there I want to try - this is such a project. Ive also seen something similar (but much more techniques) at Art from the Heart . Dy does a class on this which looks Ace! Heres why I needed the trip to Ikea for 15 mirrors!

Well this was in last Octobers Craft Stamper but I have adapted it as I didnt want to use stampboard. So I have used mountboard tiles instead.

40 of them to be exact at one and a quarter inch square. i then inked each tile and stamped using archival ink. I havent themed them just stamped random images from my collection. They have then been embossed and edged with gold krylon pen - adherred with silicone glue and once dry I have sprayed it with clear varnish. Oh I forgot I added a charm to one of the tiles using wire and a jump ring.

We did this as a project at last weeks craft club. Not sure everyone was pleased to be cutting out 40 tiles or getting messy, inky fingers again but i hope they let me see the final results as the stamped tiles looked fab!

So thanks Craft Stamper for another fab idea xx


  1. This is stunning! So much work but well worth the effort.
    Sue xx

  2. Its fantastic...I love the way you did the tiles. It would brighten up the wall. Kathleen x

  3. Lo've it. It'sa really good Bee

  4. Ohhh it's fantastic Janet. I've seen some mirrors like that in Kaisercraft, I'm going to go and buy one now. Did you have to cut all the mountboard into tiles or can you get ready cut bits? Jo x

  5. Fantastic work! Great idea! Very beautiful!

  6. Wow, this is simply stunning, must have taken you ages to make .. so much it! Hels x

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments Janet!! I bet you had a great day doing the mirror!! It looks fabulous xx

  8. This looks amazing Janet. What a lot of work. Who wouldn't like getting inky fingers!!! That's how mine always look!
    Hope you had a great weekend.


  9. Looks great Janet, really enjoyed this project and can't wait to finish mine.
    x Michelle

  10. Wow !!! It has turned out really fantastic.....Now where did I put those mirrors...LOL..

    Bee xx


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