Thursday, 30 July 2009

It didnt last long!

Well Ive had my freedom to drive the car for less than 2 weeks. Went to see the specialist yesterday about my vertigo attacks/ menieres disease. I have been keeping a diary so was able to give times, dates, type of attacks as well as how long they lasted. The upshot is I am to be referred for Vestibular testing with the liklihood it will take 4-6 weeks for the appointment and then back to Consultant for a diagnosis if there is one to be had. I had taken the DVLA form with me hoping to have some help filling it in but he immediately said "Oh no you cant drive - you are far too much of a risk with these attacks". So thats that. Cant drive again until attacks become controlled (if ever) PANTS PANTS PANTS. Looks like I wont be zipping over to Dys for classes again in the near future - even more PANTS!


  1. That really is MEGA PANTS!!
    So sorry for you. . . hope it doesn't get too serious. . .

  2. Janet I am so sorry to hear this.
    Hope your appt. comes through quickly and you'll be mobile again soon.
    Sparkles and hugs.
    Sue xx

  3. Ohhh Janet, poor poor you. It must be awful having that little taste of freedom taken away again.
    I've left you something on my blog that might cheer you up.


  4. Sorry to hear that,Janet...maybe you could find a crafty friend to go with you....I'd love to if only I lived nearer.

  5. Really sorry that it was not better news, will keep everything crossed that the outcome in the long term is better. hugs Bee and Dee

  6. So sorry to hear your news but let's hope they will sort out the problem and get you back motoring again soon.
    Take care,
    Pat xx

  7. Hi Janet, What a blow !!! I can't imagine how a set back like this is making you feel, let's hope you get your appointment soon. On a practical note, give me a ring regarding the AFTH Weekend in September, I could come and pick you up on Friday and take you home on Sunday...if that would help....It would be such a shame for you to miss out....just because of transport difficulties.

    Bee xx

  8. Ahh Janet, so sorry to hear your news. I hope the appointment comes soon and they get you sorted out quickly. Sending you love and hugs. Jo x

  9. Bee thats a fab offer thanks so much but Tim can take me and pick me up - I just need a b&b for Sat night :0) xx


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