Thursday, 9 July 2009

Going away

For the weekend on a Craft Retreat with some of the fabbiest people you can ever meet! Its been a long week so far - I seem to have to concentrate far harder at work lately though I do think its more to do with the young people I work with being particularly challenging at the moment. I have been hit, kicked, thumped an attempted bite and had my feet stamped on all in the space of this week so challenging is the word - the first 3 were from a young person who didnt want to wash his hands after using the loo and didnt like me reminding of it!

Thankfully as they are Young people it hasnt hurt me - my colleagues havent all been so lucky!
So a break in Claxby Viking Centre is just the ticket. Im going to take all my messy gear and hope I can shame my MoJo into making an appearance with all that lovely mess making stuff! If not then I hope the fabby gals and chap will give my MoJo a quick boost to get it going again! So hope you have a fantastic weekend - Im sure to have lots of fun surrounded by my crafty buds :0)
Janet x

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  1. I'm soooo jealous! Have an amazing time, it sounds like just what you could do with, relax and enjoy my friend. Jo x


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