Friday, 17 July 2009

for my fellow teamie

Katy. I loved Katy's entry into the distressed week and as It was an atc she offered to do a swap. Ive never been good at Tryptichs - the story should follow through the atc - but I really wanted it so had a go whilst at Claxby.

Ive used the paperartsy bricks and mortar range along with basic grey cupcake papers. the laugh love live stamp came from ebay many moons ago but has proved to be a useful stamp, it fit just nicely into the paperartsy mini I used on the last page.
Anyway Katy has recieved it now and likes it so its safe to post its pic :0)

Hope you are all ok x Im back at the docs today. I hardly dare say ive had 2 weeks without an attack!


  1. This is fantasic hun.
    Dolike the idea of a following on thoughtout the card..

  2. It's really gorgeous Janet. Good luck at the docs, let us know how you get on. Love Jo x

  3. So thats what they are called :) I love it Janet..still on my mantlepiece, too lovely to put away just yet...thank you love xx

  4. Lovely Janet, didn't know what a triptic was, do now!
    x Michelle

  5. I love this and you learn something new every day! Hope you get on OK at the Doc's. I left you something at my place.


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