Friday, 14 August 2009

Look at my girl

All grown up on a 17 hand horse called Dan!
She has loved the pony week this week and made loads of new friends. Tim and I went to watch the end of week show today and are so proud of her xx

and these little cuties have been living in his stable! Young swallows.

My day ended by going out with someone I was best mates with at school. I havent seen her for 21 years - far too long! Lots of catching up to be done xx
Hope your day has been good xx


  1. Bless , her, she looks so proud up on this beautiful Horse. And a big one too.

    I bet you have tears in your eyes.

    And the birdies, how sweet, never see enough of them around here. Such graceful birds.

  2. Ahhhh, Janet, Meghan looks so grown up on that huge horse - bet she wants one of her own doesn't she? Jo x


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