Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday Taggers - Retro!

Well this weeks theme was chosen by my fabby team mate Emma! Trouble was its given me a headache - could not think of any of my stamps to give a retro feel so have ended up with a Kanban special! Well the warehouse is quite near me and i do love their card - its brilliant quailty - I just dont normally make this sort of card - I love my stamps tooo much.
Anyway This is for Darren at work - we were both young teenagers in the grease/ saturday night fever era and have reminised often when one of the young people who likes Grease has insisted we watch it - again!
The only bit of imagination on the card is I have added a piece of acetate and suspended the disco ball from it - I have glittered the disco ball for added disco glamour. This is the reverse side of the ball which can be seen as the ball twirls around.

Now once id made this card I looked at what my team mates had done with envy - why didnt i think of some of those ideas?
Hop on over to Tuesday Taggers for some retro inspiration!


  1. I do love this..well it does have a certain JT on the front ( my childhood hero, think he was my first love , oh may have been my second, Brotherhood of man was my first , now i am showing my age)
    Just love this card, so much fun , and so many memories,

  2. I reckon you did OK - I can't wwait to take a look at everyone elses !!!
    I've seen Jo's and she did ok too!!
    Hop[e alls well with you.

  3. Well i have a daughter who would swoon over this image, Grease being almost the No 1 favourite. The cards great and the disco ball was inspired. Think I will pop to Tuesday taggers to see the challenge for the week Bee

  4. Think we all struggled stamp wise with this challenge but it got us trying out something different. I think you've done a great job with this JT image and love thee glitter ball.
    Pat xx

  5. I think this is great Janet, how did you do that ball? Methinks I need to use it for a card for Steve - Mr. DJ Himself!

    x Michelle

  6. FAB card and i love the disco ball, this so reminds me of when i was young and watch greese religiously nearly every day hahahahaha xxxx


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