Thursday, 1 October 2009

Creating of a different kind

Made some backgrounds today which is a bit boring so I thought id share with you what I made on Tuesday.
I have begun my Christmas cake making! I make at least 12 for presents and I do so like them to have chance to mature and "be fed" regularly. This was a receipe my Mother in Law gave me the first Christmas in our own home and its only gone wrong once (when I put too much booze in and the fruit soaked it up then sank to the bottom as it was soooo heavy during cooking!). So I thought id share the recipe

2 bags (2 x 500g)of mixed fruit (I used to buy it from the health shop but these days its the budget version from Morrisons lol)
4oz cherries chopped
4 fl oz sherry - or could be Brandy or Whiskey
10oz butter
8oz dark brown sugar (the darker the better)
10oz plain flour
1/2 level teaspoon of baking powder
1 level teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1/2 level teaspoon mixed spice
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
5 large eggs
Optional - 2 tablespoons of apricot jam and 1 teaspoon of black trecle.

Soak fruit overnight in sheery
cream butter and sugar
add flour, spices, eggs, baking powder also jam and trecle if wanted
add pre soaked fruit

Line and grease a 10 inch round or square tin with greaseproof paper. Add mixture then cook at Gas no 1 for 3 1/2 - 4 hours - middle of oven. It should look dark on the top (not black!) and if you insert a metal skewer it should come out clean - this means its cooked perfectly.
I like to pour over more Brandy, Whiskey or Sherry within an hour of it coming out of the oven about 2 capfuls. Once cool wrap in greaseproof paper then tin foil. Add 2 more capfuls of your chosen tipple every 3 weeks until Christmas - decorate as required.
Baking Christmas cakes sounds difficult but trust me its not - just have a go. Just make sure your guests know its a boozy cake so they dont go over the limit! Would love to see your cakes :0)
This year I have been given loads of sweetie tins so I plan to decorate them to present my cakes in - better get on with that soon too!


  1. Having eaten Janet's wonderful cake do try making the cake. Bee

  2. This recipe sounds delicious.....I quite agree with you.....xmas cakes definately need 'feeding'!!

  3. Oh you are muliti talented. I struggle with cooking dinner,lol.. as my Children said .. When you smell smoke , dinners ready,lol
    But , this sounds so good. I may , just may try this. cant wait to see the finished cakes!

  4. Ohhh you're making me feel hungry Janet. You are certainly organsized getting your cakes done so early, but like you say, they need to be "fed". Bet they are delicious by Dec 25th.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  5. Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe with us Janet. Does the feeding work on the basis of one for me and one for you if you know what I mean!
    Pat xx

  6. That cake looks lovely Janet. Haven't even thought about mine yet - must get a move on or it won't be "fed2 enough!lol
    Sue xx

  7. OH YUMMY, I too make my Christmas Cake and Dumpling with recipes left to me by my MIL, I love cake........mmmmm enjoy....lucky recipients off your cake...I have left something for you on my blog which I hope you will accept....Hope you are keeping well. Hugs Avril xxx

  8. Sounds really yummy Janet....did you say you would make one for the Claxby weekend? or am I dreaming...I think I will have to give your recipe a go it seems much simpler than the one I use.

    Bee xx


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