Thursday, 8 October 2009

A lovely award

From my fellow teamie Avril over on Tuesday Taggers. Most of my pals have already been tagged so if you havent please take this award with love from me - leave me a comment so i can come and visit you and check out your obsessions!

As part of this I have to list 5 obsessions - can I only list 5??? LOL so here goes

1) Stamps - rubber, wooden, acrylic I love 'em all and can NEVER have enough!
2) Chocolate - now some of my friends will be amazed that this has come under stamps but I think I really could live without it - it would be hard but possible but stamps - Never!
3) Inky fingers - I just love getting messy and feel a real sense of satisfaction when i have played so nicely that Im a mess!!!
4) Blogging - I HAVE to come on here everyday to see what everyones been up to.
5) Twilight series - a recent development I can lose myself in these books and am amazed to like anything to do with Vampires???

i could go on but you all know Im mad anyway so theres no point LOL - so go on what are your obsessions?


  1. oh woe is me!!!! i dont have any tag, would seem noone is impressed with my poor little blog--(tears flow)-- cant even get them onto my blog if they did,i'm despairing at how useless i am Janet,but i love your stuff, luv georginaxx


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