Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Testing testing

Well today saw me go for vestibular testing to find out what causes my vertigo attacks. I was not allowed to take meds from sunday night which made me very nervous and I was fine through Monday - then had 3 attacks Tuesday and woke up with one this morning! After being tipped back suddenly, following lights this way and that from different angles and marching on the spot with my eyes closed none of the tests set anything off. Typical! Have to go back to have another test done in a couple of weeks which involves water in the ears but my ears were too full of wax to do it today so olive oil and syringing before I go back!

Once out of the hospital I gobbled down my tablets as fast as I could so i could start to feel more confident again - not that they prevent them just make them less likely but that will do for me at the moment. Thankfully work have been marvellous and Ive had time off Tuesday and Wednesday - back on Friday.

So tomorrow sees a crafty day with chums Michelle, Elaine and Bee and I feel the need to try an art journal page so I may be rather messy tomorrow in a really good way :0)

Hope your day has been good x Janet


  1. It's always the same, you have the attacks .. then when you want them to happen ( in a sort of way) nothing. It happened to be , as i used get Double Vision ( due to illness) and after being prodded and pocked .. nothing. makes you feel like you are telling lie's dont it. Well lets hope next time they can get it under control a little more for you. But got to say , don't like the idea of water in my ears.
    have a fab crafty day with the most wonderful artists, cannot wait to see what you all coem up with, take care x

  2. AWE Janet this sound like "NO FUN AT ALL" I can only imagine how you feel, hope they find something that they can fix, so that you are no longer afflicted, much love to you me friend. Hugs Avril xxx

  3. Sorry to hear how frustrating your tests were!! Sod's law ah!!!!
    Well enjoy your craft day and don't worry about the next set of tests in the end they'll get to the bottom of it!!!!

  4. Hope the next round of tests are more fruitful and you get to the bottom of the problem. In the meantime hope things go well for you and enjoy your craft therapy.
    Pat xx


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