Saturday, 19 September 2009

One gone one more to go

So No 1 son has left to go back to Uni in Bangor North Wales with an over night stop with a pal in Liverpool. Tom is on the left. This is his final year. No 2 son James is on the right and leaves tomorrow morning. We spent yesterday getting up to date with washing and mending and a little bit of chatting. James as you know is starting a degree at Brunel University studying music. Tom is studying Psychology. Its going to be a very quiet house without them especially James as he practices on average 6 hours a day of electric, acoustic guitar and piano.

So I dont brood today I am going to my local craft shop for a crop. Ive no scrapbooking projects at the moment so will be concentrating on getting some cards made - OH has asked me to make 2 get well ones and I have still 70 placecards to make for a colleagues wedding and a guest book. So plenty to keep me busy. Im going with my bessie Pal Elaine, her daughter is also going off to Uni so she will have no kids at home at all - hope we dont sob on each others shoulders all day!

Isn't it strange that we get so emotional about them doing the very thing we have been helping them achieve all their lives - independance. We have spent the last 20 years encouraging them, teaching them, guiding them to be strong, independant and happy adults and now we have done that job we feel sad that they are off to do the next stage of their learning. Wish I could feel happy about it or rather hold the happy thought longer than the feeling of emptiness. Maybe that will come with time.

So from a thoughtful Janet hope your weekend is packed with fun and laughter or if you are having the same sort of weekend as me that you can hold on to the happiness of a job well done as your Child goes off to Uni.
Take care


  1. Oh Janet what a lovely posting, you sound so proud and positive, just think of the wonderful times when they come home with plenty of dirty washing and tales of what they have done!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend crafting I'm just off to the Craft Den for a nosey & a chat xx

  2. Well as hard as it maybe, you just have to let them go and grow more now.
    It's there time to learn the "real" world. But by the sounds of it you have both done an amazing job bringing your children up .. they will grow so much more x

  3. Ahhh Janet what a lovely photo. You and Tim should be giving yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done, and it's not like they won't be back with their bags of dirty washing, and Christmas will probably feel even more special with you all re-united again. Sending you a big hug XX Give Elaine a big hug from me too. XX

  4. Don't be too down Janet. I know you'll miss them but you should feel very proud of producing such fantastic offspring. Wish them both all the luck in the world and here's a big ((((((hug))))) for you.
    Love, Pat xx

  5. I know how you're feeling Janet. We've just got back from Bristol where our only boy is starting Uni. Feeling a mixture of pride that he's made it and sadness that he's moved on.
    All we can do is wish them well and be there for them if necessary.
    Sending hugs,
    Sue xx

  6. Hi Janet. You sound a very proud Mum and rightly so, you have two very handsome sons there. You're being very brave, I hate the thought of mine flying the nest, but hopefully that is a long way off yet, although I know I'll be an emotional wreck when it happens!!
    Good Luck to them both and to you.

    Love Lisax


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