Monday, 20 December 2010

MIA but my world is rockin!

Sorry about the week off folks! I am now enjoying my Christmas break from work but to pay the price for my hols I was sooooo busy last week!

This weekend was sooo hectic too - we had our niece and nephew to stay who are 5 &7 and on the go from morn till night - boy am I bushwhacked but we had such fun making Christmas cards and presents for Mummy and Daddy - punch art place cards for their Christmas day lunch and baking biscuits and buns as well as squeezing in some time on the Wii, watching TV and the lovely Raymond Briggs the Snowman stage show on DVD. We are both pooped as were the kids! My SiL sent this funny link today which about sums up how much energy went into the whole weekend!

You can see it here
I must mention all the faces are my kids and their cousins!
I now have all my kids at home - no 2 son came back from Uni yesterday despite the awful weather in London and today he said the most beautiful thing I have ever ever heard. This is the biggy rockin my world today!

"Mum - I have realised from chatting with folk at Uni that I have had the most wonderful up bringing. I have been shielded from bad things and I am grateful to every member of my family and extended family but especially for what you and Dad have done for me. I know it was not easy sometimes and that I did not make it easy either but I really want to say thank you".

My job as a mum has been worth every difficult day and hard decision made for that one statement - I now have 2 men for sons and I could not be prouder. Hop on over to the Celtic House where Monday rocks this week!


  1. Ah that comment in itself is worth everything - how awesome and what an amazing gift to be told what an awesome parent you are! Hope you are having a good day!



  2. Janet, I've tears in my eyes just reading that and knowing what little I know of your son, he would not dream of saying that unless he absolutely meant it. Feel proud my love, proud of the job you have done and proud of the man your son has become.
    Much love


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