Thursday, 23 December 2010

I'm Upcited!

Sorry thats a term from one of the kids which really means excited LOL but hey its Christmas eve tomorrow and these little rascals will be really upcited tomorrow thats for sure. Here is a pic of my nephew and niece from last weekend - its for a holiday diary and so has them at my house with the buns they made and decorated. They are coming for tea tomorrow which will be a perfect day to give them this

decorated by my pal Michelle - you can't quite see the words but it says Hes been. The idea is to set it for the time you want the kids to get up on Christmas morning - having no numbers they wont be able to tell the time but of course a rough estimate of where the numbers are gives Mum and Dad all the freedom of an extra hour if they so wish.
Here is its little gift box - made quickly this afternoon after my fisrt Christmas visitors had gone. We had Meghans friend and her Mum round for lunch of Christmas pizza and salad. the Christmas pizza was a bargain at morrisons and perfect for the meal as Lucy is a very fussy eater. It had turkey, bacon and cranberry on it so a real Christmassy feel but at the bargain price of 39 p each so yes the freezer is full of them !

and just so you can get your blog hopping mitts on in plenty of time here is advance notice of something exciting happening with The Stamp Man. If you fancy taking the picture to add to your blog please do its going to be a fun filled event!

Happy Christmas folks x


  1. Hi Janet, just popped by to Wish you a Very Happy Christmas and to wish you a Healthy New Year as I know this year has been difficult for you healthwise. So fingers crossed for 2011. Hugs Annette x

  2. I love the boy's PJs! (I also love the show 2)
    they look kinda warm and comfy :)


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