Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Project no 3

Now this one took hours LOL! 3 cardboard photo cubes inked then covered with paper which has been torn, pricked then sewn I must have been completely mad!
I used to do lots of tearing and stitching on my papers mainly because I had nothing better to do LOL but actually its a look I still really like.
This embossed bauble it a stamp from Graphicus.

and these are Hero arts - see post from Monday as they are on sale.......

and this is another Graphicus one this time a leaping reinedeer. This is a gift for a relative for adding photographs of Christmas' to. The thing about home made presents is they dont actually cost a lot to do but if you added up my time on this one and I got paid what I usually do at work its worth £40! - More thought, time and effort than it takes for a few clicks on the computer to buy a gift thats for sure - wonder if it will be appreciated for that????

Thanks for stopping by today x Janet


  1. Gorgeous!! Well worth all you time and effort and I'm sure it will be much appreciated. xx

  2. Beautiful Janet. Well worth the effort.
    Sue xx

  3. Beautiful... Should be appreciated honey, but things arnt as they should be with some peeps, eh?

  4. I agree with the others, it was time well spent, they are brilliant.

  5. OMG what a lot of work in those little boxes, well worth the extra effort though - they are gorgeous Janet xxx

  6. Your photo boxes are fab, the recipient should appreciate the gift, but sometimes it takes a crafter to appreciate not only the work but the love in making it. hugs Caz

  7. I loved these when i first saw them and love them still, luv Georginaxxx


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