Friday, 18 March 2011

Rocking my world Friday

So here I am with a little free time on a Friday - almost unheard of these days so I thought I would play along with Virginias positive posts to start the weekend.

Its been a mixed week - work has been hectic and stressful inbetween the moments of calm when I can craft. Meg has had the music festival this week and got herself in such a state about one of the classes we pulled her out. She was convinced she could not manage the whole piece then last night played it through beautifully - she was a little frustrated about that I can tell you. She's also had one or two blip days at school - why do teenagers have to be so horrible to each other? Bless her its just not in her nature to be horrid to folks and she finds it very upsetting when her so called friends are like it to her and others. Frustrating being the Mum listening to all her woes too - feel like I have little constructive advice to impart. So to focus on the positives
1) My family - as always the most important people in my life give me so much too - without them I would be so empty x
2) Friends - have had a visit from special friends today Kerry and Mary always lovely to see them and as fellow crafters they also have so much crafty advice to give too. I have also been out for tea with someone very dear to me - Jae and I share a very special connection and I am always grateful that we work with the truth at all times - she tells me how it is and if I need my butt kicking she has such a great aim - thats very special too.
3) Work - a very special young man asked me to make him a tea box as a leaving present when I showed him the one I had made for Michelle - what a sweet heart! He is 12 and appreciates the work that goes into crafting - wheelchair bound with only his voice to direct and make his feelings and choices known. He is moving on to another service provider and we are really going to miss him, his sense of humour, sense of fun and explosions of frustration have taught us all a lot about what it is like to be disabled - that is something I will always remember.
4) Days off - today and tomorrow feel so precious - I am counting down to the Lovin ink craft retreat now with great excitement Lots to do and lots of fun to be had x
5) The weather - who can fail to feel great when the sky is bright blue sending positive feelings that spring is here and summer is on its way - no matter what the rest of the day brings its always ok when the sky is blue :0)
Hope your Friday is rocking too! Stop by at The Celtic house for more positives to brighten the week!


  1. Hello sweetie - how lovely to see you joining in - I do miss your posts when you're not partaking. Loving your list today - beautiful as always! Sorry to hear your daughter is having a difficult time - remind her that she needs to believe in herself and that no matter what life throws at her she CAN HANDLE IT! Hope you have a beautiful and restful and blessed weekend


  2. What wonderful positive things you have to hold onto. I do dread the upcoming teenage years with my daughter. Looking forward to next weekend. Enjoy your days off. Angela


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