Thursday, 31 March 2011

So More retreat news

First I'm going to swiftly show you Emmas but not linger too much as she will be hosting a blog hop on Saturday and may well be showing you much more details here
Next we have the gorgeousness that is Glynis. Glynis comes to many of our classes and crafty sessions and is one of lifes treasures - always smiling and very generous of her time and thoughts. Glynis will be moving to Glastenbury some time soon and she will be sadly missed we have however promised to find a retreat venue down there so we can meet up as much as possible.
Here is Glynis array of embelishments - not yet stuck down just displayed on the box. Can you see the BM pearl powders in the shot - we loved playing with them!
Next up is Meggy May or rather Yvonne. A fabulously talented lady with a lovely eye for details here is her box. I love that bow on the dummy!
and the contents
Next up is Linda - oh boy I bet she wonders what happened when she met up with us. Linda was staying in a B&B near Michelle early last year and the owner suggested she visit Michelle to see her stuff. The next day was a crafty outing day which we do every now and again this time to Art From The Heart in Harrogate. Poor Linda came along was dragged to a bacon butty van despite having had a large breakfast then whisked along to Dys and dropped into crafting heaven LOL - the mad Yorkshire women won her over and she has been coming to retreats since then.
Linda has real talent and an eye for details but like most crafters does not believe in herself - believe it Gal you are very talented!
And below is Siobhans box - my pic was blurred of Siobhan but trust me she is lovely and what talent. Siobhan used to own her own shop and run classes so no pressure there then!

Gorgeous! I love the lush blue dummy!I think we are coming to do an event in Perth, Scotland so watch this space!

Next up is Beryl - Now I did wonder if we really were too much for Beryl - if we really had tipped over into sheer madness and pout her off but she is coming again in September so maybe madness is addictive LOL
Inside beryls box is some of her experimenting - fab colours dont you think?
and finally we have Val - she embraced our madness and played along here is her gorgeous box.

I have not shown you Neils, Belles, Angelas or Averils and Leonies - i dont have pics of Averils and Leonies and will let Neil, Angela and Belle show you their own - links are on my sidebar under my Fav blogs xx

Looking forward to seeing everyone again in September for the "do your own thing" retreat - more madness from Michelle and I -shape shifting shoes, double decker busses, 3 wise monkeys to name just a few of the odd things we laughed so much about, more gorgeous grub from our fabulous Chef Andy with different pudds he wants to make for us but mostly more fun and friendship we can squeeze into a whole weekend with a whole heap of creativity on the side - Absolutely Brilliant!

Huge thanks to everyone who came - My Partner Michelle and to Andy and Emma without whom we could not have such a wonderful time - you all rock.


  1. Oh my,that weekend sounds like heaven Janet. I'm just loving all those creations - what an array of talent. Those boxes are stunning.
    Hugs xx

  2. The weekend was a total fun packed crafting experience from begining to end. I enjoyed every minute of it and learn't loads.
    Did I remember a 'can can' being mentioned for September as well.

  3. Oh What an Excellent Craft work . i have just liked your Siobhan's box it has damn pretty colors .one think i would like to say that you have very good knowledge of craft .And I would like to learn some craft work from you .Thanks for the great Article


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