Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Broken phone and a bump............

Yep thats right my phone will no longer let me make or receive phone calls - time for a new phone dontcha think??? So I rang my network provider (who have always provided just a sim card on my deal) to find out I can actually have this little baby for £1.50 less than I was paying before! how does that all work then???

Samsung GALAXY Ace 158 MB
So as the chap told me it would arrive today by courier I was a little excited. Can you sense a catch??? Well by 5pm it was a no show so I rang again only to be told they were out of stock so delivery would be Monday!
How rude - first to build up my hopes and then not to even tell me they were dashing them again!!! I was not amused.

Then tonight Hubby set off to his Wednesday band practice. He is not a well bunny so really needed the break away from home as he has been going mad. He set off then half an hour later he rings to say he is coming home as someone has bumped into the back of the car at a junction! Poor love was fairly shaken up - even more so as he has had to endure Megsy and I on our new fitness routine - on wii dance. Not a pretty sight I can tell you but at least we are trying to get moving instead of being craft potatoes!
Anyhow he is ok and car will be sorted tomorrow - only damage seems to be to the back bumper and we get a courtesy car whilst its being sorted.
Sorry no interesting pics for you - the craft room is still in disarray - Mum is going through all her stuff before mine goes back in so I am limited for crafting at the moment - however stampin club starts again on Friday and we are in for a cutesy session so no doubt I will get to play a while there xx have missed the fab ladies who come they are a great bunch of gals - Lots to catch up on I am sure.
Hope your week is going well xx
Janet x


  1. oh dear quite a run of bad luck there, but I am sure the sight of the keep fit took his mind off the bump and it will be quite on the mobile just for a short while peace for crafting :)
    Kate x

  2. Sorry that life is doing a few back flips at the moment. Give Tim a hug from me. Take care Hugs Bee

  3. Ohhh Janet! It never rains .......
    big hugs to you both
    x Michelle

  4. Well that was a bitch of a day for you Janet...let's hope the rest of the week is much better for you(and hubby) :D XXX


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