Friday, 20 January 2012

Rockin my world this Friday

Yay a few moments to blog this Friday morning so I wont hang about just get straight on with it.

So grateful they are not laughing at my attempts to dance on the wii dance games - quite honestly it must be a dreadful sight but they just keep encouraging me on.
had a wonderful sewing day with mum on Tuesday making the bag from the below post. I can sew quite ok really but lack the confidence to do things alone so i was really glad to have her there for back up advice.
Our Amy has been a star doing the dance thing with me - she's quite a mover you know!
Our Megs has had mock exams this week and was a nervous bunny on Wednesday night and Thursday morning - thankfully they are over for this week so today is a much more normal one for her.
Hubby is still off work with depression and related sleep disorder. This week he has been totally without meds being weaned off one before starting another. On Monday I went to his specialist appointment with him where he was told he had to have 4 weeks without meds totally before starting on the new and more radical treatment. Yikes! He has however so far just knuckled down and tried to get on with it. He is much better when I am around and not on a overnight stint at work but sadly those cannot be avoided. On a positive note for him he has 4 weeks longer to enjoy cheese, yoghurt, marmite and all the other foods that will be banned when the new drug is in place.
Had a challenging morning at work yesterday when a young fella whom I can usually jolly along with no problems just refused to do a thing for me - the school bus came at 8-30 and he had not even got in the bath let alone be ready for it so thankfully they agreed to return after they had dropped everyone off. Someone else took over and with lots of cajoling managed to get him sorted. I sat with him whilst he ate breakfast then as he was going out of the door he grabbed hold of my shoulders and gave me a lovely hug and made one of his happy noises into my ear. (he is about 10 inches taller than me!) What a tear jerker. After feeling totally useless he made my heart go all squishy. Who knows what goes through the mind of an autistic young person but I like to think he was saying - I'm still your friend!
After the bag day I managed to finish sorting the craft room - well everything is back in there anyhow - still some rejigging to do as I have not the space I wanted on the desk but all in all I am happy to be back in my crafty space once more. I celebrated by making some Nautical atcs for a monthly swap I play along with.
Tomorrow Michelle and I are at the Craft range, Hapton, Burnley for the first time so I am really excited about that. Looking forward to meeting their customers and encouraging them to play.
I am loving my new phone! fab to be able to just check my emails whilst out and about - not yet tried to reply to any of them but I am getting used to it.
Loving the double glazing - our house is sooo quiet and snugly warm.
I am thrilled to have tried on some previously too small trousers today and they fit! the new regime is obviously having some positive effect. I am no longer thinking about chocolate which is good and am automatically reaching for dates or apricots for a sugar rush. So at least I am moving in the right direction.
I think that's about it! The list is much longer than I thought it would be - do stop by The Celtic House for more positivity from my fellow Friday rockettes.
have a great weekend folks
Janet xx


  1. Woohoo!! Fabulous to hear the new regime is working Janet.
    Good luck to you and Michelle in Burnley and to Megs for any more mocks.
    You've inspired me ..after months of procrastinating I'm finally going to do Zumba on the Wii.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. yummmm, apricots, haven't had any for ages, must buy some! (puts down choc bar guiltily lol)

    sounds like you are doing really well with your helthy eating and exercise regime, good stuff

    and your job sounds difficult, but rewarding in a way that my office job never will be. still not sure I envy you the hard work of it, though

    and as for smartphones, they're MAGIC aren't they :) I love mine to bits!

  3. Janet

    What a lovely list and well done on the inch loss!

    I smiled about your comment about the "happy noises". Our son Ross has a very easily distinguishable happy noise, something like "oy, oy, oy" and it's always good to hear!

    Must try and get back into the WRYF zone soon.

    Keep blogging Janet - always a joy to read.


  4. Janet

    What a lovely list and well done on the inch loss!

    I smiled about your comment about the "happy noises". Our son Ross has a very easily distinguishable happy noise, something like "oy, oy, oy" and it's always good to hear!

    Must try and get back into the WRYF zone soon.

    Keep blogging Janet - always a joy to read.


  5. Oh Janet - what a fabulous list - well done you for sticking to the new regime - it's obviously working positively - avoiding chocolate bars and using the Wii for dance regimes = smaller trousers - fantastic stuff - keep going because you know you can do it!

    Sorry hubby isn't a hundred percent but glad he's got his family and the medical professional helping, will keep my fingers and toes crossed that he makes some improvements.

    Your job sounds incredibly rewarding for all the work you put in, I'm not surprised it was a bit of a tear jerker - you had me welling up!

    The bag you made was gorgeous - I loved the fabric!

    Glad your new phone is bringing positive changes and I'm absolutely positive that you and Michelle will have an awesome day out - let us know how you get on.

    Hugs as always

  6. Aaaaw Janet...that hug is sooo precious! :D XXX

  7. Good luck for tomorrow. Hugs Bee

  8. The magic hug says it all really doesn't it?! You made that lad's day and then, in return, he made yours.

    Have a great weekend,


  9. Oh what a lovely feeling that hug must have been :)

    Which wii dances are you doing. We have zumba but honestly I feel like an elephant flailing around *g*

    Have a great week x

  10. What a lovely list! Sounds like you have been doing well with your fitness regime I have also been doing dancing on the Wii and zumba with my daughter, she has lost 2lbs but I am to scared to weigh myself! Your job sounds very rewarding, and what a lovely hug.Your bag is lovely, how nice to be able to sew with your mum.
    I hope you have a lovely week x


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