Sunday, 7 April 2013

A day at the seaside

An unexpected free day and a yearning for the sea can mean only one thing in this house - a trip to Filey!  I am lucky to live between the East and West coasts so a drive to see the sea does not take long.
After a tough week it was lovely to step back in time and relive some favourite memories with my family. (a warning here there re lots of pictures and un necessary ramblings!)

 First stop Inghams.
Now I live in a town with an award winning fish and chips restaurant but non compares to this establishment in Filey, North Yorkshire. 
 The scene is set all around you
 with amazing sights to delight inquisitive little minds
 no fancy frills
 but a good cup of tea in-keeping with the theme
 The lightest batter and most melt - in - your- mouth fish. This is a small haddock and chips - no one dare order the large.........
This was Amy's fishcake which as you can see was bigger still and she could not eat the chips! The funny thing was on chatting with the waitress she was from Skipton ! Just where I live!
 A stroll around the shops - this is a fav haunt of my eldest son
 who holds a passion for history
which is present in every piece of memorabilia this shop sells.
 This shop has been there forever.  As a little girl I used to spend my holiday money here on a big toy.  My own kids have done the same.  I always have to have a look inside.
 This display took my eye in the local chemist.  Of course the Britishness first caught my eye but look what its all about!
The Royal British Legion Ladies branch! Way to go ladies !!

 Filey is a very proud Town with some amazing memorials - this one is used every single day as a peaceful place to come and remember those who fought in the first and second world wars.
Look at the flag flying proudly in tribute.
 It would appear the un politically correct funny postcards have been replaced by these as they were on sale in every shop.
 Just a back alley - nothing special - except at the end of here is one of the places we had a holiday in as children.  Walking down this alley as a youngster to the main street was a very exciting feeling.
and of course a land of Tat shop.  My brother and I spent many hours wandering this shop trying to decide what we would spend our last few pennies on from our holiday pocket money. I just had to buy some tat for his daughter in here!

 Afternoon tea in Bramwells before it closed for the afternoon was very civilised! This is my Sis Amy.
 Then down to the front where it was almost high tide.  The view of Filey Brigg was magnificent.
 The sound of the sea utterly peaceful
The golf is still crazy - different to when I was a child but crazy non the less.

 This sculpture is fairly new.  Donated to the town by a resident in memory of her husband it towers above folks but looks so at home there. 
 I don't remember this either but I like it very much.
 The paddling pool is now filled in but looks great.
 sitting for half an hour by the sea was the most healing thing I have done all year. I realised whilst I was just listening that being by the sea is the only time I cannot hear the tinnitus in my head, which is a loud whooshing noise.  The sea sounds the same but louder so for once I felt in harmony with my surroundings - utter bliss!
 A visit here is always a must.  As children the importance of the work done by the RNLI was instilled in us in a most harrowing way.
 The big lifeboat is launched through those big concertina doors which were once made of wood.  After watching the boat launch as a child ,one day, a couple of hours later one of the lifeboat men was nailing a rubber dinghy to the door as a stark reminder to parents to NOT let their children go out in the sea in such a vessel.  The children rescued from this particular dinghy had gone out as far as Flambrough Head before being rescued and boy were they lucky that those volunteers managed to get to them .  I have to support the RNLI - their work around the shores of our Country is utterly amazing.
 A trip to Filey is never complete without one of these babies.  A freshly cooked doughnut which melts in the mouth!
Nothing quite like them!

and here is the sound of peace. Even the children's noises don't spoil it as their sheer delight at the waves chasing them makes me smile!
A wonderful day - and with all that sea air I will sleep like a baby tonight !
Hope you managed till the end!

Have a fab weekend - tomorrow looks to be a blue sky day too - wonder what you will do?

have fun x


  1. Thanks for this Janet, I am in tears as I read as it brings back so many happy memories. As a child we spent lots of holidays here, playing on the beach from morning til late evening, that was enough for us, we were aloud one day in the holiday to visit the 'excitements' of Scarborough but the rest was spent with simple pleasures of building sand castles, paddling and crab catching, our holiday pennies were spent on little knick knacks from the shops that were crammed with 'treasures' or so we thought then :) and the odd ice-cream and donkey ride. We expected so much less when we were children and were much easier pleased. Thanks for that trip down memory lane.
    Dawn x

    1. Aww Dawn thats lovely x sounds much like my childhood. We used to hire one of the huts at the end of the cobble landing and did indeed spent all day everyday there. At high tide my brother fished off the end of the sea wall and once caught a plaice - boy was that a cause for celebration! I was sad to see pink and white icecreams are no longer on sale but everything else was much the same

  2. Thank you for this lovely trip around the town - it must be a good 20 years since I last visited there with cousins.

    Toni xx

  3. aww thanks for the comment Toni and glad it brought back memories for you too. Its a wonderful place x

  4. What an old softie you are Janet - so glad you enjoyed your day and the pic of Amy is fabulous xx

    1. Yep I am a softy this is true. There is something so comforting from surrounding yourself with memories of good times xx

  5. Oh what a fabulous day out, the simplest of things can bring the greatest of pleasures - awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks Virginia - almost a rocking post huh?


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