Monday, 15 April 2013

Life's twists and turns

Its funny what life throws at you.  Sometimes its not funny at all !
I think I am there at the moment in a twisty turny sort of place.
I have been struggling to craft.  I mean really struggling. My mind is full of whirly ideas and I am stuck at a cross roads I guess. Handbrake on pondering what to do next.
I don't make decisions over night - I am not a spontaneous kind of gal but I like to take my time and see what feels right.
Still I have been playing a little for the Creative Moments challenge so maybe I will have something on Wednesday to look at.
Bear with me whilst the cogs turn and I decide where to go next.

Hope you are happy crafting today xx


  1. Don't believe it, all your projects are just fab.
    If I am feeling mojo free I pop onto other peoples blogs to get some inspiration.
    I am altering stuff at the mo (latest thing is a plastic paint pot!)
    Cards go on the backburner when I feel like this!

  2. Hope you find it soon, my lovely. I'd send you some of mine if I could, cos I should be thinking about work!


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