Monday, 29 April 2013

Big Changes all round..............

Change is in the air for the Clarke's
My eldest son moved to Manchester to begin a new job on Wednesday.  Full time, the first full time position he will have had in his qualifying status - A Statistician. I am thrilled for him and he is really looking forward to the challenge.
The middle son has some exciting opportunities up in the air but I will not jinx them by chatting about them.
My daughter Megs had an audition for a job in a tea shop in the town on Saturday - audition rather than interview as the main skill needed was piano playing for customers.  This will be Megs first paid job - she has been an Oxfam Volunteer for the last year - she said the playing went fine she just doubts getting to grips with the coffee machine........ I am thrilled for her - a brilliant way for her to showcase her talent for gentle soulful playing.  She starts on Saturday !

So with all this change going on I thought long and hard about change for myself.
I have decided to leave Lovin' Ink and return to being a lone tutor.  Its been a tough decision especially as Lovin' Ink has been doing so well, but I know its the right one for me.  I am feeling nervous about change as we all do but I am also excited about embracing opportunities as they come my way.

In amongst the change I am going to give my stash a major overhaul so watch out as I add a page for sale items over the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by xx
Janet x


  1. and all will be great Janet,good luck and keep on crafting luv Georginaxxx

    1. bigs hugs my friend see you soon xx

    2. Think our Janet will keep crafting Georgina - Skipton Craft Club will, for one, certainly keep her busy.
      May see you at Harrogate in October


  2. Good Luck Clarky. (And there was me looking forward to visiting when I move tomorrow!! LOL)
    Last night in this house for me... big move tomorrow... Mightn't be able to visit for a while but promise to try!x

    1. Good luck with the Move Viv and just cos I am not doing Lovin ink does not mean we cannot meet up for a cuppa and crafty chat especially as I will continue running the Friday Stamping club in Skipton xx

  3. All the best, Janet. I look forward to hearing all about your new ventures soon x

  4. Good luck with all the changes Janet!


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