Monday, 22 April 2013

filling up nicely

 is my happy moments jar for 2013.
 I saw the idea on Pinterest and having spent a rather sad/ boring new year I though it would be perfect to liven up new year 2014.
 The idea is to record anything at all that has been a happy moment.  I have been using the same little mini pad with the thought I may scrapbook the entries  when I get chance.
My jar is almost half full already so I think I may be squashing them in by December.  Lovely to think I will have a record of what made me happy for 2013 !

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello xx

Janet x


  1. What a great idea, especially if your week has been "Pants".
    Gutted Angie and I cannot join you on "Star Wars Day" (May the forth, get it, May the force be with you!) LOL
    But I am at a party that day.....secretly would rather be with you and Michelle!

  2. Fantastic idea - love it! xx

  3. Fabulous idea Janet that's why I do the Rocking post my online way to remember all my gratefuls!


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