Friday 30 December 2011

Rockin my world Last one for 2011

So here we are at the last Friday for 2011 - I just had to find the time to post for this one!
2011 has passed by in  a flash - to be honest the years since the millennium have flown by I must be getting old!
Anyway I thought instead of concentrating on the last week - i would pick my big grateful s for the whole year! Its an epic post so you may want to pause now and get a cuppa!

First up predictably are my Family - they pick me up when I'm feeling down and give me so much love and 2011 has been full of it. xx
Little things from this week have been my son James - helping out around the house - don't you just know they have grown so much when they do that without being asked.
Hubby who finally added the doors to our freecycle wardrobe yesterday whilst I was at work - I was so ridiculously happy I can't tell you!
My daughter Meghan for listening to my chocolate craving whinges and providing me with an alternative sugar fix everytime xx
Tom - ahh my eldest who went through a phase in his teens where he was totally embarrassed by any kind of physical contact - now gives spontaneous and filled with love hugs - each one makes me feel gooey inside!
My Sis Amy who let me borrow her favourite mug for a cup of tea - as long as I didn't take it home LOL!(sisterly teasing goes on a lot with our Amy)
and finally Mum - who made the best millionaires shortbread for my hubby for Christmas - he has loved it standing for long is s difficult for Mum these days so being prepared to do that for Tim has really meant a lot!

Next has to be my friends
So in no particular order
Michelle - love love love my gift which you can find here and for everything else huge hugs xx
Barbara and Debbie- you are so thoughtful! thank you for your support and encouragement over the last year - your gifts for Christmas just showed what a special pair you are - love love love the book and have read it already!
Jae - well what can I say - your support means the world to me - I hope 2012 is YOUR year.
The Claxby Gals - Loved spending time with you again this year - I love the special friendship we have and how it develops deeper each time we meet - I hope 2012 continues to see us get closer and closer xx 
My email buds - I have a few email pals - I suppose a little like penpals but special mentions for Susie and Linda - I am not the best at replying and I know its my turn now but I really love getting your chatty emails - most of all I love it that you care xxx
Liz - now how to describe the love you send my way - honestly it can't be summed up into words.  Hugs wing their way to me the minute I feel low - how do you do that my witchy friend?  the last weeks have not been easy for either of us but I am blessed to have had you by my side even though you are all those miles away xxx
My crafty chums - Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and encouragement over the last 12 months - Michelle and I are so grateful and have loved watching you all gain confidence and skills.  Looking forward to seeing it develop further this year too xx

Onto work which for data protection must be brief and non personal - Its been a little rollercoasterish this year with comings and goings that have been momentous. I have just had 2 shifts that remind me why I love work so much which is a fitting end to the year me thinks.  The young people I work with all have learning difficulties, behavioural issues and may need lots of specialist help just to live each day.  Many people feel sorry for these children and indeed life is not plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination.  Simple things can mean so much though - the way you speak their name, the way you read a book, the choices you support them to make - even little ones like which top to wear.
I sat reading a book yesterday to a young fella who is Autistic - a big strapping 17 year old with some seriously challenging behaviour.- he has a new silly rhymes book which was a Christmas gift which I read to him a few times yesterday.  We laughed and giggled at the rhymes and he had some real belly laughs.
It was at that moment all the trials and annoying things that have happened at work melted away as no longer anything to worry about - thats why I love what I do - for those precious moments that make such a difference.  I could go on and on giving you examples of this - a little moment in my day that makes it special - I hope it makes sense to you because it makes a world of difference to me.

and finally my free time
I am lucky to have free time - mainly its because I am not a domestic goddess - the housework can always wait that bit longer! But I am gradually filling the free time with crafty things.
Our (Lovin Ink) retreats and stamping classes have gone really well this year and 2012 is looking even more promising with new opportunities opening up at some of our favourite venues. I will tell you more about that next week.  The excitement is building however and will mean I have less to blog as my time gets taken up with making samples and getting ready for classes. I will have a tight schedule which may mean longer absences from my blogs or spurts of posts then non for a while.
This development to my crafting has been part of a long term plan Michelle and I have had for Lovin ink. Life has meant the pace of the plan has been slower but its coming to life and feels very very exciting.
I have every person to thank who has attended our retreats and classes for the support and encouragement Lovin ink has received.  We love what we do and are so glad you do too.
So my final grateful is for new opportunities!

Cor are you still with me??
Well done - Thats my long post done for 2011.
Hope you have much to look forward to in 2012 and that love and laughter fill your days as well as much creating of course!


  1. I'm still with you Janet, that was an awesome post and a great way of summing up 2011, you too seem to have had challenges to deal with this year - but Rocking Posts focus on the positives and I always feel blessed when you join in as I know how busy you are!!!!

    Sending you my best wishes for the New Year and may 2012 be full of positive 'rocking' moments again!


  2. A wonderful list of gratefuls Janet.
    Sending you hugs and my very best wishes for 2012.
    Sue xx
    p.s. I'm determined to get myself onto one of your retreats!!

  3. So much love in your life,such a beautiful post to share, wishing you twice as much happiness for 2012 :D XXX

  4. Great Rocking post, Janet. Your job must really make you realise what is important in life. You are fortunate to have such caring family and friends, they must be a great support through life's difficult times.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.


  5. Managed to get to the end!!! What a fantastic post.... very thoughtful.

    Can't wait to hear about the new opportunities.... will certainly be watching this space!!!!

    Looking forward to your classes as always, and I will keep on the trail for new recruits!!!

    Hugs ax


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