Friday 2 December 2011

So what Rocks my world this first Friday in December???

Been AWOL again from the Friday rockin posts but Friday does tend to be a bad day for me time wise - I really should be a little more organised and prepare the post in advance!
So things to be thankful for

The wonderful retreat last weekend - as always spending time with those friends is very special and makes my world brighter for it.

My Family for allowing me the indulgence of Me time - I think they know just how much it means to my mental wellbeing to have that time to relax and craft - goodness knows what I was like 7 years ago before I found papercrafting!

My Mum for looking after Tim and Megs for me ensuring they did not live on eggs for the whole weekend (both love them!)

Michelle for taking me and bringing me back safe - not moaning about my snoring and letting me borrow all the bits and pieces I had forgotten to take with me!

The Craft club ladies - what a hoot we had last night at our Christmas social evening - lots of yummy food and a fabulous rendition of the 12 days of Christmas crafting style - they are such a game bunch of ladies. Michelle recorded it so hopefully it will be on you tube soon so I will share!
Also to Kate and Georgina for helping write the lyrics - you never know one day it could be a hit!

I am grateful to have got through a whole 3 weeks without chocolate! I have been diagnosed a type 2 diabetic - no surprise really for this rather rotund gal however as a self confessed chocoholic I do know that is where my problem lies and I'm the only one who can change it. I am getting awful sweet cravings which so far I am staving off with dried fruit - yes I know thats not the best food to eat either but it is better than the chocolate. I have to be realistic and take little steps if I am to be successful in keeping the sugars in control. So far so good - I seem to have shed a few pounds too.......

So all in all a lot to clap about
here is Spring and Autumn to complete my Mollies four seasons - which one is which you decide!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a great weekend x


  1. Yay Janet!:D Well done on the choccie front. If you can control the diabetes with diet that will be great(boring but great:D) and they do make chocolate for diabetics, though I don't know what it taste like.
    Glad you had such a lovely time on retreat....still a distant dream for me...but one day :D
    The seasonal plaques are gorgeous, love the deep red on the one I'm calling spring(April showers)and the chilled out relaxation of Autumn after the harvest :D XXX

  2. WTG Janet on not eating chocolate - sending you (((hugs))) and sparkles to reinforce your will power.
    You've had a busy week again but obviously enjoyed your crafting.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. I'm finally catching up with my fellow Friday Rockers! Ooooh, lucky you going on a crafting retreat, it sounds brilliant and, as you say, great for your sanity - and cheaper than therapy! Good luck with the no-chocolate diet, that'll be a toughie.

    Have a great week,



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